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As the title implies, I am Brent K. Moore. I married MariLynn Simons on Sept. 25, 1999. we attend Stewart's Creek Church of Christ. We have five pets, a dachshund, Slinkie, a malamute, Juno, and three rabbits, Ebunny and Ifurry, and now Houdini.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

What You're Searching For

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One of the features I like about Flickr, the website I use mostly to host most of my photos, is the ability to see what people Googled to find one of my pictures. Everything listed here is something that somebody out there typed into the Google search engine only to find one of my photos.

animated donut
What are some stuff that james k. polk would use?
at&t minutes free after what time?
how to become a motorcycle stunt man
largest calzone
animated dancing fox
big red machine avatars
two people cutting a log
house on 5th ave
download crucification
creative cakes designed by stephanie
extreme buİldİng photo
neon signs biscuits
photos of beautiful rocks
who was dinty moore
picture bad offices
brent powerplant
unattractive dachshund
where do i get my tags in williamson county
gatlinburg corndog
picture of rabbit pie
photos budget with feet
classic cat hume-fogg nashville (Will, if you're reading this - or anyone else is wondering, I have no pics of classic cat.)
pa turnpike remove sunglasses
inflatable dinosaur
kentucky "hippy house"
take to the animals nine
free pipe organ for taking
who you callin a crab
animated gif of power lines
looking inside a fish
pro america restaurant sign
"the simpsons" wigsphere
is james k polk black?
largest centipede ever
sat on a thumbtack
druggy sees ufo


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter thoughts

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Happy Easter 2008! From Our Bunnies
Hare E Houdini
(the brown one)
Ifurry and Hare E Houdini
(the white one)
and Ebunny
(the timid black one)

Our church had an Easter egg hunt for the kids. One of the Ladies made these Peeps treats, that I'd like to call a Peeps-mobile. It has a peppermint steering wheel, Swiss Roll for the car's body and Smarties for wheels.

The Peeps-mobile

I think they look like a big peeps army - ready to roll out.
Here comes the Peeps army!

I really liked the dozen egg packaging for this Easter treat, although the actual candy isn't my thing.

Easter Candy

There's something about Peeps that I like. To be honest, until I started dating MariLynn, I'd never heard of them. She likes them. They taste fine, but I wouldn't go out of my way for them. Maybe there's just something very American about them.

A couple of years ago, I bought MariLynn some plush Peeps toys. 4 different plush Peeps bunnies came in a cardboard container, just like the actual candy does. I took some pictures of them back then, but I can't find those pics. :( So, Instead is a small picture of me for Easter 1994:


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Brent's Computer vs. the NCAA evperts: Year 3

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This week on NUMB3RS:
Don: we found this notebook full of formulas and calculations, can you help interpret it for us?
Charlie: It looks like whoever used this notebook was filling out their NCAA bracket.


I don't watch college basketball.


If it weren't for the fact that then No. 1 Memphis lost to No. 2 Tennessee last month, I would literally know nothing about this year's college basketball season.

Why should that stop me from filling out an NCAA 64 Tourney bracket?

It's a free country!

I don't have time to watch college basketball. I need that time to take pictures like this:

Rubber Chicken

Some people who have no idea who the teams are pick the winners based solely on the team nickname. That's fun, but picking why a Commodore would win over a Tar Heel justifies the same kind of weird arguments like picking why paper beats rock.

Two years ago, not knowing what I was doing, I did a whole bracket based on formulas and a random number generator. Going up against people who actually knew who the teams were, I beat 2/3 of Americans who filled out a bracket on ESPN.

Last year, I refined my method using historical statistical percentages that were researched by a friend. I did great in the first round! I was ahead of 92% of other people's brackets. Unfortunately, that method did very poorly in all the other rounds, and I finished in the lowest 1%. Admittedly, that's where I should finish as I don't watch any of the games. I didn't get any of the final four right, with Florida losing in the first round. Ouch.

This year, I will use the same method as last year for the first round, and my older method for all the other rounds. In fact, I will fill out all my brackets on a piece of paper without looking up which teams are actually involved, because it doesn't matter.

ESPN allows you to fill out 10 different brackets. Last year it was only 5, so I filled out 5 sets of numbers, then plugged those numbers into the actual brackets and here are the results of each of those brackets which are now on my profile. (and my goofy title for each bracket.)

Bracket 1: Inclement Waffles

Winner: UCLA over no. 3 seed Louisville. The Cinderella team: San Diego

Bracket 2: Audacity of Hoop

This bracket came out all loopy with a bunch of strange upsets all over the place. Texas was the overall winner, but meeting in the final 4 were two No. 5 seeds with Notre Dame winning over Clemson to advance to the finals. No. 10 seeds Arizona and South Alabama each had 3 wins.

Bracket 3: Witticism of Mr. Bagel

This was the exact opposite of bracket 2. Each 1 and 2 seed made it to the round of 8. The overall winner was Memphis and the only Cinderella team was No. 11 Kentucky. What's wild about this was when I ran the numbers, I didn't do all of one bracket first and then move to the next. I did all of the first rounds first, then all of the second rounds. etc...

Bracket 4: Insufficient Bisque Space.

This was a little more normal. The overall winner was UNC. A surprising final 4 entry was local Vanderbilt. I didn't plan this as the "local team who I'm rooting for." I suppose it's possible though as they did knock off Tennessee last month, which was the only other game I heard about from the whole year. The Cinderella team was #14 Cornell.

Bracket 5: Apothecary Fisher

This was weird again. It almost looked like a repeat from bracket #4 as UNC won it all, Vanderbilt made it to the final 4 and Cornell was a Cinderella team. If those three things actually happen, some local sports talk station will hire me as an analyst! One odd thing that was different is that it also had Michigan State in the finals.

ESPN lets me set 10 different brackets and I am too lazy to rerun the numbers, so I virtually held my bracket up to a mirror on Brackets 1 and 3 and filled it out again.

Bracket 6: selffaw tnemelcni

Sienna is the Cinderella team and the finals has Kansas over Stanford

Bracket 7: legab rm fo msicittiw

St. Joseph's is the Cinderella and the finals is UNC over UCLA.

Sometime after the April 7th finals, I'll come back and tell how I did. That is, unless it's so bad that I hang my head in shame for a full year again.

P.S. So let's say you had to pick the teams based on the school nickname. You have the Kent State Golden Flashes against anybody. Your justification would have to get into the realm of the transcendental. Then there's the Georgetown Hoyas. What's a Hoya? According to a brief Google search, Hoya is a company that makes Camera filters. Big Red? Who would win in a three way struggle between a Governor, a Hilltopper and a Boilermaker? I vote for the Hilltopper, but they'd all lose to a Mountaineer, which is also probably the only human of the bunch that could take a Wildcat, except for possibly a Torero.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Green stuff for St. Patrick's Day

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In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I have decided to look through all of my photos to find the ones most appropriate for St. Patrick's Day. This is the best that I came up with...

Mountain Rainbow
(Pot o' gold not pictured)

So, here is a random collection of other things that are green but otherwise have nothing to do with St. Patrick's Day.

Test Image #1:  The source of my Inspiration

Minty green house in Manchester, TN

Instructions set forth to not startle the fish

Cal Turner's barn

Impaled apples

Stewart's Key Lime Soda

Etching on the John W. Thomas Statue.

Mallard in the grass


No Trespassing

1951 Studebaker

Dwarf Caiman

Nashville Sporting Goods

What are you looking at?

Washington D.C. Zoo Lilypads

Kermit the Frog

Monday, March 03, 2008


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There's one thing I hate about myspace. (ok, there's really a gazillion but none of the rest of those reasons are funny today.) They know by my profile information, that I'm a guy. I get ads targeted to guys. When my wife is logged in, she gets ads targeted to ladies. They know how to determine a target audience. So how is it so difficult to not send me ads for dating services? Not only do they know I'm a guy, they know I'm married, too. "True" is the biggest dating site advertiser on MySpace, it seems. That's why I want to fiddle with their ads. Here's a seasonal ad for the guys.

Now, here's one for the ladies.

All I added to this one was the "A Stalker" part. What inspired me about this was what appears to be blood splatter on the word "Waiting."

I spent some time in rural Tennessee this weekend here's some of what I saw.

This is quite possible the best bar-b-cue sign ever.

Ya'll come on over!!

Gainesboro, TN. The pig looks a little startled about the fact he's on fire. The sunglasses wearing chicken might be taunting the pig. Finally, the Hillbilly looks like he is exasperated having to spin such a heavy pig. Honestly, I'd never noticed that the apostrophe in Ya'll is where it is. I'd always spelled it y'all. I had to google it to confirm it as an accepted spelling. Ya'll be the judge.

I thought this was cute, albeit a bit blurry. Livingston, TN I presume.

If you were to enlarge the sign on the right by clicking on the photo, you'd see they sell Lipstick and other Mary Kay products. Studies show that most ladies buy makeup from the store with the largest missile. Byrdstown, TN

Does it help or hurt when you share a name with a controversial radio talk show host. I suppose if you're a Commie Pinko, you might seek the services elsewhere. His slogan should be "Call Michael Now!" Livingston, TN, I presume.

On the other end of the political spectrum is Carthage, TN which amazingly hasn't been renamed AlGoreVille. They've had not one, but two prominent Al Gores. On the Carthage town square is a shoe store which doubles as a Gore collectibles store. When I first visited Carthage in the early 90's this was the "Clinton-Gore" store, but now it says the "Gore Lieberman Store" on the window, although I see absolutely nothing Lieberman here. I think the best thing here is the flier in the bottom left for the Big Bill fishing lure with the tagline "The fish Don't Inhale."

While walking around the Gainesboro, TN town square, one of the old buildings was being renovated, and there was a trash can full of these old whiskey bottles. I don't drink and I have absolutely no knowledge of vintage alcoholic drinks. How old is this J.W. Dant Olde Bourbon bottle? There was a part of me that wanted to take this bottle out of the trash and sell it on ebay. I didn't partially because I knew my wife would kill me, probably for good reason. But I did check on ebay and didn't see any Dant products that appeared to be this old. I still sorta want to know how much money I gave up for not taking it. One final photo from Cookeville, TN:

Okay. Moving on.

If a pizza parlor slices their pepperoni thinner than anyone else, and uses smaller gratings of their cheese, they could advertise they use "only the finest ingredients." Maybe the worst pizza I've ever had, Itza Pizza, does that. (They're the pizza so bad, they have to remind you what your eating in the title of the establishment.)

If you were waiting to be seated at a table at a restaurant in a mostly Muslim country, would most of the reservations be under the name "Mohammad, Party of 4?"

Ghosts shouldn't wear white after labor day.

I've had several jobs where we had to fill out anonymous manager surveys, where we are told we can tell the truth good or bad about our manager without fear of repercussion. Someday, I should fill out my survey in an attempt to brown nose.
My Name is Brent Moore and my Supervisor is Reginald Stovey. He has done a better job that I thought was humanly possible. He has redefined leadership. I never knew the meaning of quality before I met him. I thought I knew what guidance met, but everything I knew changed thanks to his superior guidance. His picture should appear in the Webster's Dictionary next to the term Oversight.etc...
My current manager has at his desk a copy of the very famous how-to manager book "The One Minute Manager." I recently saw a parody of that book called "The Fifty-Nine Second Employee: How to Stay One Second Ahead of your One-Minute Manager." I just wish management would stop moving my cheese.