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As the title implies, I am Brent K. Moore. I married MariLynn Simons on Sept. 25, 1999. we attend Stewart's Creek Church of Christ. We have five pets, a dachshund, Slinkie, a malamute, Juno, and three rabbits, Ebunny and Ifurry, and now Houdini.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

This month is moneybags

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Thursday, January 01, 2015

Brent's 2014 Self-aggrandizement Photography post

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It has become my yearly tradition on the first day of the year to look back at all of my photos and crunch the numbers to see how everything did. Before looking at any of the numbers, I am going to guess that everything is way down. There were two big reasons I didn't accomplish as much this year. The good reason is my son was born in Feb and that takes much of my time. The bad reason was several of my family members got really sick and spent much time in the hospital. Everything turned out ok, but it ate up a lot of my time.

In years past, I've written all the boring stat stuff first. This year, I'll show the year's top photos first and then you can skip over the boring numbers at the end.

Brent's top 10 photos of 2014

There are several reasons why I might include a photo here. Some of the photos may look they don't belong in a "best of the year" post, but they may be important to me for other reasons. Some of these are my favorite composed shots of my favorite subjects. Some of these are interesting effects while overcoming challenges to get a usable photo. Here we go:

Cheatham County Bicentennial Trail Bridge

The Cheatham County Bicentennial Trail Bridge became my all-time top rated photo ever! It has 13,150 views and 119 favorites. That's 30 more favorites than my second best photo.

Limestone Quarry Cave & Lake #1 - Erin, TN

The Limestone Quarry Cave & Lake was a spot on my to do list for years. Located in the small Tennessee town of Erin, I had known about this place for years, but only discovered where it was located in January. It would be high on my list of cool places that most people don't know about. And the water looks really blue.

Autumn Morning at the River Confluence

Early morning at the River Confluence. If you wake up really early, you can get some river photos before the fog dissipates.

Nashville Skyline at Dusk 2014 #1

If you like this Skyline photo, then you should see the time-lapse video:

Abandoned Rome, TN Ferry

Sometimes, I think derelict places can be interesting, such as this Cumberland River ferry which has been abandoned for over 20 years

Smyrna Air Show 2014: Blue Angels

The Blue Angels came to town this year. While I did not go to the air show this year, I was able to setup and watch them practice on a sunny day.

Memorial Day 2014

This was at a national veterans cemetery during Memorial Day weekend.

See Beautiful Rock City

This Rock City barn is in Christian County, KY

Tennessee Central 6902 - Watertown, TN

MariLynn and I celebrated our wedding anniversary by going to the Mile Long Yard Sale in Watertown, TN. As it turns out, the old Broadway Dinner Train was there, too.

The Parthenon (with some of the Nashville Skyline)

I usually don't try to go out and photograph the top tourist destinations because everyone tries to photograph it as well. Unless I can put my own unique view on it, I sometimes don't even try. With that, MariLynn spent nearly two months in the hospital this year, and much of it was at Centennial Medical Center seen on the left side. I'll say that I did find a rare view of the Parthenon this year.

Now that the best photos are out of the way, what can you bore everyone with?

This may be the part where you stop reading. I am a professional number cruncher, so this kind of thing is my cup of tea and probably not yours. I record it for posterity sake.

In 2014, I took more than 13,000 photos. That may sound like a lot and it's more than last year, but it's about half of what I've done other years. about 12,000 were of my son. (Not really.)

Most of my publishing-worthy photos are uploaded to flickr. I now have a total of 8,523 of which about 500 were uploaded in 2014. These photos have been viewed collectively 6,322,505 times. During 2013, Flickr changed what's considered a "view" making more things count than what used to. As a number cruncher, this irritates me, so 2.5 million views in 2014 doesn't mean as much as it used to. (By comparison, in 2012 I had about 500,00 views.)

2010 was the first year of my website, While my hit counter only shows 3708, I could be a little disheartened. Apparently a lot of people are finding content on my website via google searches and not seeing the home page. My webhost's stats show last year I had 19,268 unique visitors who made 44,117 visits viewing a total of 171,565 page views with 488,336 total hits (the stats exclude the 100,000 hits by robots / spiders / crawlers). the website used 11.99 GB of bandwidth. The most popular time to visit is on Sundays. 573 visitors stayed for over an hour. (I suppose these are my biggest fans.) 57% of visitors used Windows whereas three people browsed there from a Wii! 37% people browsed with Chrome and 3 people used the old-fashioned text-based Lynx browser. My desire is for the website to grow exponentially, and the more content that gets added, the more visits I should get every year. The goal is for the ads on the site to start paying off someday as well as the increased exposure causing me to be the first person found when looking for a stock photo of a specific place. I set up a Facebook account which now has 53 fans and a twitter feed with 41 followers. These were set up as a set-it-and-forget-it tools that re-post my other content, but still has room for growth.

The highlight of my website is the daily blog. After five years, the hit counter says I've had 55,873 visitors with over 9500 of those were in 2014. I am retiring that counter in 2015 and going with Blogger's count of page views. Blogger reports I had 184,795 page views in 5 years, with about 41,000 in 2014. I even had 18 hits from Taiwan.

I also have a YouTube channel. Most of my good videos are recordings of my dad's early music groups. All-time, I have 568,758 views with about 57,000 in 2012. The most popular video has always been "What a Friend we have in Jesus" which was recorded in a 2007 reunion concert of 70's chorale students. That video has 37,588 views all-time. A new stat they offer: In 2014, My videos have been watched for 42,834 minutes.