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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Is that horse purple?

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One of the benefits of owning a camera with a long optical zoom, is that if you see something far away, and cannot tell what it, you can photograph it, and then get a better look at it once you are home.

Hence, these horses. From a distance, they looked oddly colored.

At least now we know they weren't painted. If anyone out there knows why they are wearing these, I'd like to know.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Winkler Family Fund

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If you have checked the news over the past week, then you have likely heard about Matthew Winkler, the Minister who was killed in Selmer, Tn. The Winklers are a great family and they have a lot they will be going through now. If you would like to help the family and the three young daughters, check this link:

The Winkler Family Fund

Monday, March 13, 2006

A Random Number Generator plays the NCAA Bracket

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This is how much I know about College basketball:


But, I do have a basic understanding how the NCAA tournament works, and that its the subject of numerous contests. I did what I haven't done in years, I signed up for a tournament contest, and filled out the contest using a random number generator.

To me, all the teams are numbers, not names (based on their seed). Using my formula (see below) I filled out my brackett. As a Nashvillian, I didn't know that Memphis or UT were any good until I saw them with good seeds. I submitted my picks in two different scoring formats. Contest 1 awards points solely on getting the picks right. Contest 2 rewards picking upsets.

I'll post again in a few weeks to see how I did. Generally speaking, my overall score turns out average.

Technical details about my formula: (feel free to skip this part)
(Note: I have edited this post a dozen times, and blogger keeps messing up my formulas, so I have to spell some of it out)
T1=The higher ranked seed
T2=The lower ranked seed
RN=Random number generated for each game, such that RN is greater than 0, but less than 1.
score1 = T1 x RN
score2 = T2 x (1-RN)
if score1 is less than score 2, then T1 advances to the next round. Else, T2 advances with an upset.

example: 1st round matchup between #7 Georgetown and #10 Northern Iowa. Even if I followed college hoops, my brain would be too full to know how to predict this. The random number generated was .613
score1 = T1 x RN = 7 x .613 = 4.291
score2 = T2 x (1-RN) = 10 x .387 = 3.870
4.291 > 3.870, thus Northern Iowa gets the upset.

Using this formuala, its tough to upset a #1, but the lower the higher-ranked seed, the more likely an upset is possible.

What were the final results?
Duke wins it all.
The Final Four has 3 of the #1 seeds and UCLA. (local Belmont doesn't knock them off, sorry!)
Unexpected teams to win 2 rounds: #6 Indiana, #12 Utah St., #5 Nevada, #11 Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
Other teams to have a 1st round upset: #9 UNC-Wilmington, #11 So. Ill., #10 NC State, #9 Bucknell, #14 Xavier, #10 Alabama, #9 UAB, #13 Air Force, #14 So. Alabama, #10 Northern Iowa.

Classic Rock Rhetorical Question: Genesis

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I have always wondered....

How many Phil Collins pop music fans of the 80s and 90s decided to go out and buy the Genesis album "Selling England by the Pound" (becuase they had heard it was a good album) and then were disappointed because it wasn't what they expected?

Friday, March 10, 2006

More Misfortune Cookies!

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I finally have a second batch of Misfortune Cookies!

Misfortune Cookie!
Here are some examples:

Friends long absent are coming back to see you. They have blackmail photos.

You will receive $2,000,000. Expect a letter soon from the Nigerian Consulate with details.

There is always room at the top, but not for you.

When you learn to be flexible, you will find more problems.

You speak a lot but have nothing to say.

To see all of them (over 100) Click Here:

If you wan't to go back and see the original batch, Click Here.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Photo featued on Slacking while Working blog

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One of my photos, (where I arranged a years worth of soda bottle caps into a logo for Dell, where I was working at the time) has been fetured on the website click the title to see it.

or click on the picture to see a larger version

Extended boredom in a cubicle

Friday, March 03, 2006

The Letters of Nashville - A Photomosaic

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The Letters of Nashville. You can click the image to see the Large size.

Photomosaic: The Letters of Nashville

Here is an explanation where each of the letters came from. You can click on those with a thumbnail to see the large image.

A. State seal of Tennessee at the State Capitol. Agriculture
B. Bellsouth Building
C. L&C Tower (Life and Casualty Tower) The L&C illuminate at night
D. WKDF lights on top of the Stahlman building.
E. Loveless CafE neon sign at night. Loveless Cafe Neon Sign
F. Elliston Place Soda Shop - Food & Soda.
G. Ryman Auditorium - It used to be the Union Gospel Tabernacle.
H. StaHlman Building. (4th ave. side) Stahlman Building, Nashville
I. Titans ColIseum (formerly, Adelphia Coliseum)
J. Andrew Jackson Statue at the State Capitol. Andrew Jackson Statue, Nashville, TN
K. James Knox Polk burial place. President James K. Polk tomb, Nashville
L. L&C Tower in the day. Looking up at the L&C, Nashville, TN
M. Market Street Brewery
N. Walter Nipper's Nashville Sporting Goods.
O. Downtown HiltOn
P. Printer's Alley
Q. McQuiddy Publishing Company. It's tought to find a good Q.
R. Music City StaR - soon to be commuter train. Music City Star, Nashville's Passenger train
S. Sheraton downtown hotel - the one with the spinning restaurant on top.
T. Life and Casualty Tower.
U. US Bank building.
V. Vanderbilt Univerity pedestrian crosswalk over 21st Ave.
W. Music Valley Wax Museum of the stars - near Opryland.
X. CSX train engine. Train Bridge, Bicentennial Park, Nashville
Y. Nashville ToY Museum
Z. Marker in Centennial Park - marking the end on the NatcheZ Trace trail.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Pigs can fly! I have proof.

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Pigs can fly. I have photographic proof. Click on each pig's picture to view the larger image.



Excerpts from "The Seussian Wedding Ceremony"

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The Seussian Wedding Ceremony

by Brent Moore

To view the entire version, Click Here


Today, all those in Whoville arrived on a barge
To see a pair whose hearts are two sizes too large.

The North-bound Zax and South-bound Zax met there,
So did Horton, and also the Once-ler.
And even the Grinch came with his dog, Max
With Yertle and Sam, even the Lorax.



Abide by side.
Bride had Cried.
Abide by bride.
Cried by side.
Cried abide.
Abide by side.
Bride she cried.
Abide by side.

Maids with braids come.
Maids with broods come.
Maids with braids and broods and moods come.


Would you leave her for a ham?
Would you leave her on a tram?

I would not leave her for a ham.
I would not leave her on a tram.
I do not wish to run or hide.
I would not, could not leave my bride.


The preacher spoke in a tone so darkly,
“Let’s get to the rings, bring out the sparkly”

One Ring
Two ring
Red ring
Blue ring.

Black ring
Blue ring
Old ring
New ring.


To view the entire version, Click Here

copyright 1998 The Dr. Seuss Wedding Ceremony by Brent Moore