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Friday, June 30, 2006

Rock Songs that avoid Ellipses and Umlauts

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In 1992, Dan Baird, former lead singer of the Georgia Satellites, scored a minor hit off of his album Love Songs for the Hearing impaired with a song called "I Love You Period"

In the song, he thinks back to his high school days and wishes that his English teacher had been Pamela Rogers or Debra LaFave.

The Chorus goes:
I love you period
Do you love me question mark
Please please exclamation point
I want to hold you in parenthesis

This concept very well could have been further developed. I propose these additions if a song cover is ever made:

Let apostrophe s go out some time
We can see a movie semicolon we can go to dinner
Say you will in quotation marks
Youre gonna go out with me interrobang

feel free to find uses for brackets, comma, dashes, hyphen and slash. If you are really creative, go for the Ampersand &, tilde ~, asterisk *, Section sign § , interpunct · , and pilcrow ¶

I recently was thinking about this song, because I remember joking about it with classmates when I was a high school senior, but nobody knew more than just the chorus.

Friday, June 23, 2006

For Just Pennies a Day...

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For just pennies a day*
This home can be yours:

Fine print:
*approximately 7700 pennies a day

The stand up comic Steven Wright once said that anywhere is walking distance, if you had the time.

side note: the website where I got this picture from, the people who are selling this house have a phone number of (866) 4 THE SAD - No joke.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Bach - Live in Concert

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Dj FLAPJACK - Back - Final
Some notes:
Yes, this is fake. About 5 years ago, I came up with the idea that if, in the unlikely event, I became a big-name DJ, my stage name would be DJ Flapjack. My logo would be a dual-deck turntable with a DJ spinning a couple of pancakes. Unfortunately, as a quick google search reveals, there now really is a DJ Flapjack. I know nothing of him. That's a shame. I want t0 be DJ Flapjack. This concert poster has nothing to do with any real DJ Flapjack. Also, Springfield bowl is not a Simpsons reference. I was just going for a generic name.
My inspiration for this comes from a) real techno that mixes with classical music, such as "Swan Rave" by Staccato. (very obscure) b) recent inspiration comes from the tagline of the movie "Tromeo and Juliet" which is: Body Piercing, Kinky Sex, Dismemberment. The Things That Made Shakespeare Great

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

What the Nashville Sounds are Really known for

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What the Nashville Sounds are known for

Despite winning the PCL championship last year, and getting a new downtown ballpark next year, this is what the Nashville Sounds are known for nationally. Their "Faith Night" games where the stadium giveaway is a bobblehead of a Bible Character. Jonah was given out at the June 16th game. Purity Dairies, another Quintessential Nashville company, was the title sponsor. The first 2000 people through the gates got one. Characters in the past include Samson, Moses and Noah, with no plans to ever make a Jesus bobble.

More info can be found in this NPR article.