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As the title implies, I am Brent K. Moore. I married MariLynn Simons on Sept. 25, 1999. we attend Stewart's Creek Church of Christ. We have five pets, a dachshund, Slinkie, a malamute, Juno, and three rabbits, Ebunny and Ifurry, and now Houdini.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Bach - Live in Concert

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Dj FLAPJACK - Back - Final
Some notes:
Yes, this is fake. About 5 years ago, I came up with the idea that if, in the unlikely event, I became a big-name DJ, my stage name would be DJ Flapjack. My logo would be a dual-deck turntable with a DJ spinning a couple of pancakes. Unfortunately, as a quick google search reveals, there now really is a DJ Flapjack. I know nothing of him. That's a shame. I want t0 be DJ Flapjack. This concert poster has nothing to do with any real DJ Flapjack. Also, Springfield bowl is not a Simpsons reference. I was just going for a generic name.
My inspiration for this comes from a) real techno that mixes with classical music, such as "Swan Rave" by Staccato. (very obscure) b) recent inspiration comes from the tagline of the movie "Tromeo and Juliet" which is: Body Piercing, Kinky Sex, Dismemberment. The Things That Made Shakespeare Great


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