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Sunday, May 28, 2006

How Much Tennessean Are You?

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The following was written by my friend Todd, and he gave me permission to post it here.

How much of a Tennessean are you?You know you're from Tennessee if:

1) [X] Not only can you name the three Grand Divisions, but you consider people from the other two Grand Divisions slightly amusing or culturally backward.

2) [X] You can get from your house to either of two other states by automobile in two hours or less.

3) [ ] You have ever laughed at an out-of-stater who assumed that since Arkansas is right next to Tennessee, Little Rock must be pretty close to Knoxville, or who thought that if you live in Johnson City, Memphis must be an easy day trip.

4) [X] You can tell the difference between bluegrass, country, and Delta blues.

5) [X] You admire Dolly Parton for being "down to earth" and "true to her roots."

6) [X] You know what Nilla Wafers are, and can think of at least one recipe that calls for them.

7) [X] When you were a child, you visited at least two of the following cheesy amusement parks: Libertyland, Opryland, and Dollywood (or you visited one of them multiple times).

8) [X] You know what a "meat and three" restaurant is.

9) [X] You've ever drunk a Sundrop or eaten Dirty Potato Chips.

10) [X] You use "coke" as a generic term for Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Big K Cola, R. C. Cola, Dr. Pepper, and Mr. Pibb.

11) [ ] You know the difference between spinach and greens.

12) [ ] You have a strong preference as to whether barbecue should be prepared "wet" or "dry."

13) [X] When you see a bottle of vinegar with banana peppers floating in it, you recognize it as a condiment and know what to call it.

14) [X] You have used at least two of the following phrases without considering them absurd or redundant: "all y'all," "might could," and "do done was."

15) [X] You knew that Knoxville is in Knox County and Sevierville in is Sevier County but that Fayetteville is not in Fayette County, Shelbyville is not in Shelby County, McMinnville is not in McMinn County, etc., etc.

16) [X] Your hometown has at least one major street, park, subdivision, suburb, or mall with the word "Hickory" in the name of it (or the name of your hometown itself has the word "Hickory" in it).

17) [X] You know the difference between "rednecks" and "hillbillies" (and know that "hillbillies" only live in East Tennessee).

18) [X] You have vacationed in Gatlinburg more than once.

19) [ ] You have ever crossed a state line for the purpose of buying groceries, gasoline, or lottery tickets.

20) [X] You have relatives, neighbors, or friends who keep a gun in their car or truck at all times (or you do it yourself).

21) [X] When you were a kid, your family watched "Hee Haw" every Saturday night. (If you are black, substitute "Soul Train.")

22) [X] Your public-school graduating class was at least 90% black or your private-school graduating class was at least 90% white (or you lived in a county with separate city and county school districts serving starkly different ethnic populations).

23) [ ] You knew that Bucksnort, Frog Jump, and Pigeon Forge are actual Tennessee towns.

24) [X] You pronounce "Fayetteville" and "Maryville" as "FAY-uht-vull" and "MAIR-uh-vull" and know the correct way to say "Austin Peay."

25) [X] You actually understand these questions and are sending them on to other Tennesseans.

Count all your X's and multiply by 4. Title this % Tennessean.


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