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Monday, April 13, 2009

Shot proliferation

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This has nothing to do with basketball, guns, medicine or cameras.

Shots are everywhere these days.  Of course, it has always been a part of alcoholic establishments for those beverages so potent, you can take only an ounce at a time.

And then, Burger King came out with their "Burger Shots" only to be followed by the Steak-n-Shake's "Steakburger Shots."  I remember when burgers that size were called Krystals. (But of course, Krystals makes the full-size burgers now.)

But then, add to that a restaurant chain like Applebees and their Dessert Shots.  Two full ounces of Key Lime Pie served in a tiny glass!  What's not to like?  It doesn't cost as much to purchase,  the restaurant can claim they stuff extra-great flavor in a tiny package, and you're not going to get fat very quick.  What's not to like?  Oh yeah, it's eaten in 15 seconds and you're still hungry.

It's a by-product of our current economy.   Diner's can't (or won't) spend as much on their dinner. and even the finer places have to demonstrate they have food for the buget-minded.  Soon, I expect steakhouses to be trying this also.  Morton's Porterhouse Shots or Roth's Chris Filet Mignon Shots should be coming really soon.

If the trend continues as the way I expect, this usage of the word Shot will appear in our lexicon in the not too distant future, and not just with Strong Drink and food.  The word "shot" after another noun will be that noun, but in a smaller form.  It can take the place of prefixes and suffixes such as micro-, -ette and -oid

potential examples:
Joke one-liner = humor shots
Newspaper Headlines = news shots
Proverbs = wisdom shots
AIG employee bonuses after congress taxes them at 90% = bonus shots
Matches = torch shots

We could even have Blog Shots, but that already exists.  It's called Twitter.