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Monday, June 29, 2009

A fraction of the Loretta Lynn Experience

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If you've driven along I-40 through western middle Tennessee, then you've seen the signs for Loretta Lynn's mansion, museum, dude rance, cafe, campground, gift shop and flea market. 

If you're time is limited and can't make the 8 mile drive to Hurricane Mills, then you can catch 1/10th of the experience at the Loretta Lynn Kitchen, which is right off the Interstate and up the hill. You can't miss it.

Sign to Loretta Lynn's Kitchen

The smaller dining room has a small bit of Loretta Lynn memorabilia, including a life-size mannequin. It's a fraction of the Loretta Lynn experience for none of the cost (unless you eat at the buffet.)

Inside Loretta Lynn's kitchen

Located in front of the Loretta Lynn Kitchen right off I-40 is this fake bison and bench.  It's the perfect place for a family portrait.

Loretta Lynn's fake bison

This scares me in a soylent green kind of way.

Loretta Lynn Food Products

I wonder if the eye lights up, or if it's just a reflector. I had to resist the urge to put my finger in the hole near his nose.

self portrait with Loretta Lynn's fake bison

I bought a post card of her husband riding a jeep. I'm not sure why I bought it as it seems a near useless post card.