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Monday, December 31, 2007

What's in store for 2008

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If you thought this blog was great in 2007, then 2008 will be even better!
If you thought this blog was lousy in 2007, then 2008 will be even better!
I say this because it's a completely unverifiable claim. Take my word for it. The level of effort I put into it will be exactly the same, but for some unknown reason, the level of enjoyment you, the reader, will get out of my blog in '08 will increase by approximately 28.3%.

There are some minor changes in store for 2008.
To begin with, Brenternet (The World as Seen by Brent K. Moore) is going green in 2008. Here's a preview of what to expect:


So exactly, what does this mean other than the pixel pigmentation? The print version of the blog will no longer be available in print at your local newsstand. From this point forward, the only version of this blog will be the online version (until I get a lucrative book deal). This means that no more trees will be cut down to make the print version. (A tree has committed no crime except being valued for it's paper. Who is there to speak for the trees? Being a tree is not a crime!) So, being green means being pro-environment and not cutting trees is good for the environment. Until you start thinking about it. Who plants the most trees? Paper companies. They plant a tree every time they cut down a tree. Otherwise they'd eventually run out of trees on their land. So the environment doesn't get helped a whole bunch when I don't buy paper. So, if I'm not buying paper, I'm being green by saving money! That's the kind of green I want! But seriously, this blog's never been in print form. (But still, I'd like a lucrative book deal.)

Side note: If your employer says they will no long provide paper versions of paycheck stubs and will have online stubs because they're being green, the previous point is still valid. I've had two employers that did this.

Another new feature to the blog in 2008 will be in honor of the forthcoming Presidential election.
Most of my posts will include some variation of this blurb:

New Years Resolutions

My new years resolution for 2008 is to quit smoking. I should have no trouble keeping this resolution because thus far in my life, I haven't started smoking, nor have there been any plans to begin smoking anytime soon. A year from now when I'm not smoking, my 2008 resolution will have been a success! (One could argue that you can't quit something you haven't started, meaning my resolution has been a failure. In response to that, I say that arguing with you would require putting more effort into this blog than I did in 2007, so I'm not going to argue with you.)

Honestly, I've never made New Years Resolutions. I had been doing this subconsciously until an 8th grade teacher gave us an assignment to write down our New Years Resolutions and turn it in. I wrote then that I don't believe in New Years Resolutions because if you identify something in your life that needs to be changed, you shouldn't wait until the start of a new year to make the change. I didn't fail that assignment and my position hasn't changed in the last 16 years either. With that being said, my other New Years resolutions include quit drinking whiskey, quitting pipe smoking and quitting heroin.

An Unexpected New Years Eve invitation.

Remember DJ Flapjack? My very fake turntablist alter ego received possibly a very real invitation to play a New Years Eve concert:

Hey this is Alex, I do new artist relations for [Company name removed]. I saw your page and i wanted to let you know that we specialize in helping local artists--in fact most of us at [removed] are artists ourselves. It's our passion to help local artists solve their problems by teaching them how to find the right strategies that will work best for them--articles on growing your mailing list faster, selling more cds, etc.

Ryan (our Nashville booking director) has a couple openings December he has the 31st at Rocketown also for January he has the 13th at the Muse, i think youd be good for, they're all ages like we usually do. if that wouldnt work, he'll have other dates for Feb/Mar/Apr so get him an email and we can see which shows you'll fit best for.

For their sake, I won't take them up on their offer. Me playing a concert would essentially be me loading songs onto an MP3 player and onstage shimmying for a couple of hours. I can't even recall the last concert I've been to, but amazingly, I actually know where Rocketown is, as seen in my photo here:
Our Coffee is Okay

Another local venue has run radio ads advertising the feature performer for their New Years Eve concert is "John Ford Coley of the group England Dan and John Ford Coley." This is just a guess, but if the name John Ford Coley is not familiar to you, neither is England Dan and John Ford Coley.

Christmas Presents

One year my parents received a Bible that had a Thomas Kinkade painting on the cover.

I call it the "Let There Be Light" Version.

This year, one of my friends gave another friend this T-Shirt:

Ninjas? Pirates?

Happy New Year from the entire staff of Brenternet (The World According to Brent K. Moore) blog and gift shop, as well as Waxy Buildup records, the record label of DJ Flapjack. The entire staff consists of me, your host, Brent K. Moore.


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