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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas at Centennial Park

As usual, click any image to enlarge.
Christmas at Centennial Park #10: Red and Green Parthenon & reflection

I went to Centennial Park last night. Every year these days, they put red and green over the lights used to illuminate the Parthenon at night. In the view here, the Parthenon reflacts in Lake Watauga at Centennial Park. This is a 6 second exposure. There are two ducks in the lake in this picture. One was still for 6 seconds as another duck next to it was swimming and looks like a blur.

Christmas at Centennial Park #9 U.S. Flag lights. Christmas at Centennial Park #8:  Parthenon and 2 trees

One of the decorations they had out was of a U.S. Flag. I'll pull this picture out again when it's time for Independence Day. They also had several trees decorated with Christmas Lights of a solid color. I this photo, the all-yellow and the all-cranberry trees are shown. There were also Green, red and blue lit trees, with an all white tree the tallest in the center.

Christmas at Centennial Park #7: Abstract Christmas at Centennial Park #6: Red and Green Parthenon

Have you ever wondered what it would like like to take a picture of Christmas Tree lights while spinning the camera? That's what I'm doing in the above left picture.

Into the 1950's, Harvey's Department Store had a spectacular nativity scene on the lawn in front of the Parthenon. I wish I could have seen it.

Christmas at Centennial Park #5:   Bunny Lights Christmas at Centennial Park #4: Flag and Tenn. Air Guard

Around the park, but mostly in the sunken garden are different animal shaped lights, as we see with the bunny in the foreground and chipmunk in the background. Also, there were lit reindeer, butterflies, squirrel, etc. The flag was near the Tennessee Air National Guard plane.

Christmas at Centennial Park #3: Season's Greetings Christmas at Centennial Park #1: Self portrait with Flag lights

The sign on the left is closer to the parks main entrance. The Parthenon is in the background. I'm posing with the flag lights. The idea started as I wondered if I could block the light coming from 500 feet away which was distracting in the image (you can see it in the image above.)

Christmas at Centennial Park #2: Duck lights and reflection

These lights were on the edge of the lake (and the Parthenon peeks in from the background.) The lit duck on the far left and on the far light appear to be missing their heads as those lights must not be working.


This final image of the word Peace (formed by which office lights are on) is not at Centennial Park, but downtown Nashville. The Tennessee Tower (also known as the William R. Snodgrass Tower) . This building used to spell words almost on a daily basis into the mid to late 90's but other than rare occasions do not do it anymore.


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