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Friday, November 23, 2007

The Enclosed Nickel

Here's something I got in the mailbox today:

Unfortunately, that child died because we mailed the nickel to you.


Here's a black Friday sale from K-Mart:

This leaves me speechless.


Has this ever happened to you?

I was in the drive through of a fast food restaurant and was the 4th car in line for the window. The driver of the car at the window got his food and drove off. The second car didn't move. Car #3 started to honk. The fast food lady at the window started to wave, and a minute later started to yell. I was just hoping the driver didn't have a heart attack and die. (he should wait until after he eats a triple cheeseburger to have a heart attack - because that doesn't make me late to work.) After waiting about 5 minutes, the fast food building came out of the building and knocked on the car window. Apparently the guy fell asleep, helped by the fact he had an adorable puppy licking his face.


Paid Advertisement

Cleon Owens Holdings, LLC wants to remind you that on this Black Friday their flagship restaurant MinitBurger, as well as their sister restaurants Sub Dock and Taco Socko open their doors early at 6 a.m. this year on the day after Thanksgiving! Here are some of the savings that will be available for two days only:
-> 9 cent triple bacon cheese MinitBurger*
-> regular Proscuittini, cappacuolo, and capicola sub for $1.99 **
-> 2 regular crunchy tacos for 77 cents

* regular price $3.99 - $2.50 instant rebate - $1.40 mail-in rebate = $0.09
**minimum quantity of 20 on hand in each store. No rain checks.


Blogger Paul Nicholson said...

actually, i think 3 kids probably died. they had to have spent at least $0.10 in postage just to mail the thing to you to begin with

11:23 PM  

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