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Sunday, October 15, 2006

MinitBurger: A brief history of our restaurant chain

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Thank you for your support! We now own or operate 352 MinitBurger store locations in 29 states and have come a long way in our 60 years. Our first "Minute Burger" was opened by Raymond Owens in 1946 and hamburgers cost 10 cents. That store doesn't sell food anymore but has been preserved as our museum, and it's next door to our 15-story corporate headquarters. Let's take a brief look at the memorable events along this historic journey!

1946: We open our first store.

1959: Car hops deliver food for the last time.*

1967: We stop caring about food quality.

1976: We stop paying attention to hygiene.

1984: Beef is used in our hamburgers for the last time.

1995: We introduce our mascot Potatey the Aardvark.

Here's to hoping the next 60 years can be as profitable as the last 60!

*Except in New Jersey, because of the car hop union.

Boring stuff:
disclaimer: this is a parody. yada. yada. yada. This does not represent any actual fast food chain. No animals were hurt in the making of this blog post. Wait. I suppose a cow died to make the burger pictured above.
I was hoping to use pictures from different places, so as to not target any one fast food establishment. Pics 1 and 3 were stolen from Hardees. 2 and 5 are a fan site of the defunct Burger Chef. 4 is some ice cream parlor named Farrell's.

When I was in middle school and drew cartoons, I created two rival fast food companies. One was Minit Burger (pronounced "Minute Burger" if you were wondering). Their motto was "it even comes with a costume" which wasn't supposed to make sense. The logo was a tuxedo and a stopwatch. Their rival was Camel Burger. They didn't make burgers out of camels but it was a Desert marketing thing, which also isn't supposed to make sense. The combo meal came with sand fries and a Thirst Oasis beverage. I haven't changed much since then.


Anonymous doug duvall said...

brent, i didn't know you had a blog. very nicely done!

4:23 PM  

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