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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

2006 Tennessee State Fair

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I'll start off by saying That I didn't spend too much time on the midway because it started raining, but the lines for every ride were packed. The first photo is an inflatable dinosaur with a backdrop of the Ferris wheel. The second picture is the "Big Ben" Freefall ride.

2006 TN State Fair: Along the Midway State Fair ride on the Midway:  Big Ben Freefall

Things to see:

Tennessee record setting pumpkin: 1,078 pounds by the Lawrence County 4-H Giant Pumpkin Club, who have certainly fulfilled their dream.

TN State record-setting pumpkin at the State Fair

Keith King BMX Bike Stunt Show

2006 TN State Fair:  BMX Stunt Show

A decent Model Train exhibit: (Located in the Exhibitors Building)

2006 Tennessee State Fair Model Train exhibit

One of the buildings had displays from High Schools Future Farmers of America organizations. This one was from Mt. Pleasant and is a 10 ft Styrofoam Pizza.

2006 TN State Fair: 10 foot styrofoam pizza.

Other things to see include African Acrobats, Racing Pigs, a not-as-exciting-as-you-think-it-would-be Shark Exhibit, Tigers of India.


These were at the petting zoo: A long-haired Scottish Highland Cow, a Llama and a camel. There were also goats and pigs. You can also purchase a $1 bag of carrots to feed the animals.

2006 TN State Fair petting zoo: Scottish Highland Cow 2006 TN State Fair Petting Zoo Llama 2006 TN State Fair: Petting Zoo Camel

The following are "Show" animals. By the day you get there, if you choose to go, they may have been taken home or in some cases sold. More animals will be there the earlier in the fair you could get there. Shown here include a pig, a goat, a horse, Black Angus Cows, a cavie and a rooster.

2006 TN State Fair: Pig 2006 TN State Fair goat 2006 TN State Fair: Horse 2006 TN State Fair 2006 TN State Fair: Guinea Pig 2006 TN State Fair Poultry Barn

Something I thought I would never see, which I did see at the fair was a man vacuuming his cow.

I have extra fondness for the rabbit barn, as you see so many varieties that are typically not seen as pet stores, such as extra large rabbits.

2006 TN State Fair: The fluffiest of rabbits 2006 TN State Fair rabbit 2006 TN State Fair Rabbit 2006 State Fair Rabbit

One popular attraction at the fair is the "Freak Show" but it usually isn't called the freak show anymore. At the "Museum of Wonder" these are signs for the two-headed turtle, Kid with 2 bodies and 1 head, and the Snake Girl.

Along the midway: the Freak Show Along the midway: the Freak Show. The Snake Girl: She's Alive!

Finally, along the midway, there is a small tent for the "World's Strangest Horse" and admission is 50 cents. This is a Zebroid: Half-Zebra, Half-Horse. Also in the tent is the elephant-skinned Dog.

See the Zebroid for free.

I Feel sorry for the zebroid. I really have nothing to justify this statement, but of all the animals at the fair, this one might be treated the worse. He spends his whole life just standing here.



Blogger eric said...

We will know the next generation of the American health care system has been born when doctors, hearing hoofbeats, look around for a zebroid.

9:08 AM  

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