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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Choose someone better for your dating service ad.

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Both my wife and I have accounts on myspace. When she logs in, she is bombarded with ads targeted for women. When I log in, I am bombarded with ads targeted for men. After careful observation, I have noticed this trend:

The ads targeted for men are full of scantily clad women.
The ads targeted for women are full of scantily clad women also.

The women's ads are usually for clothing stores like Victoria's (not much is left as a) Secret. There is one exception to this. The ads that are more common than anything else are for a particular dating service. The women's ads are full of pictures of hot guys.

Dating services work by taking pictures of sexy people, putting them in the ads, and then hope that the ugly people, like me, will be enticed by the thought that a sexy person will be enticed by the ugly person's personality and star wars toy collection.

I suppose this guy is "hot" but I don't think it is good for a Dating Service ad. In my opinion, he Looks like a stalker.


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