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Sunday, August 13, 2006

2006 Williamson County (TN) Fair

The following are photos that I took at the Williamson County Fair, just south of Franklin, TN. Click on any photo to see a larger version.

We'll start with a couple of rides. The "Seattle Wheel" is a historic Ferris Wheel and is over 90 feet tall. It was built for the 1962 Seattle World's Fair, and if you have ever seen any video of that fair, you have likely seen this before. The Williamson County Fair rides are owned and operated by Drew Expositions.

The Seattle Wheel Seattle Wheel Seattle Wheel

This next ride was the Cyclops. MariLynn is easily visible in this photo.

Carnival Ride

It wouldn't be a midway without carnival food.

Fair Food

This Antique Band Organ was built in 1892 in Germany by Ruth Organs. Early in the 20th century, it was converted to play automatically by the Wurlitzer company. In addition to the organ, it plays chimes, bells, bass and snare drums, wood block, triangle, cymbal, timpani and crash cymbal.

Antique 1892 German Band Organ

There were a few shows that were included with the price of admittance. David "Cannonball" Smith has done this over 3 decades, and did it again at the 2006 Williamson County Fair. He landed safely, so he can do it again at the next fair or show. :) His website is

The Human Cannonball The Human Cannonball

The "Rocketown Demo" was stunts on Skateboard and bike by local kids that like to do that kind of thing. The bike stunts were good/ These two photos were in a high jump contest.

High Jump Biker Stunt Bike Demo

I wasn't expecting to stop at the bluegrass contest, but these seven young girls were talented. They are all from the same family.

Bluegrass family

A common sight at fairs are the Pig and the goat races.

Baby Pot-bellied Pig race Goat Race

Another good animal show was the Frisbee Catching dogs, known as Xtreme K-9s. The Long-jumping Canine also caught a Frisbee tossed by the guy on the left, while sailing over the volunteer from the audience.

Xtreme K-9's

No Fair would be complete without a petting zoo and show animals. These two Alpacas were from a local dealer.

Brown Alpaca White Alpaca

Next we have a horse and a sheep.

Horse in the petting zoo Barnyard animals

Finally, the Rabbits. It was a hot day, but the one on the left had the best seat in the house: right next to the fan.

Rabbit at the 2006 Williamson County Fair Creepy Rabbit rabbit at the 2006 Williamson County Fair

If you feel sad you missed it, you can go to the Wilson County Fair in Lebanon and the TN state fair in Nashville over the next few weeks.


Blogger Will C. said...

The Cyclops ride is worth the price of admission by itself. Did you ride it? I caught it last year at the Williamson County Fair in Franklin. It was wild. Not recommended for anyone who has eaten recently, especially funnelcakes.

4:11 PM  

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