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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Church signs vaguely attempting wit

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Walmart isn't the only saving place in Smyrna.

Technically, they're correct. There's also K-Mart, Big Lots and a brand new Kohl's that just opened.

I've never been a fan of the Church signs that try to make clever remarks in their message. Puns for Jesus! I agree with my dad when he suggested the best signs actually quote scripture. Is that really a novel idea for a church to quote Scripture?

Here are some examples of other silly church signs that I have been posted on flickr:

one two three four five six seven eight nine ten

One of the weirdest I'd ever seen was earlier this year when I went to friend's wedding reception in Franklin.

"Sermons and cakes both need shortening"

Yeah, that makes sense. Wait. Huh?
one of two things is happening here with this advertisement. 1) Visit our congregation because our sermons are shorter than anywhere else. 2) Our sermons might run long, but so do all the sermons everywhere else, so visit with us anyway.
It seems to me that this one isn't very well thought out. It's like they are badmouthing their own service.

As someone who now lives in Smyrna, maybe if I ran a church sign, I'd have it say:

Rev. 2: 8 - 11

Before you look up this passage, do you happen to know what it says?

Although not a church sign, there was another sign in town I wanted a picture of, and it was a chick-fil-a sign that said, "Come in dressed like a cow and get a free sandwich."


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