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Friday, August 17, 2007

Nobody does like your slogan

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This weeks winner of the worst advertising slogan goes to a car dealership. When you buy a car, the dealer puts one of their decals on the back bumper or somewhere nearby. I forgot the name of the dealership, but it was something like Dabbs. The slogan:

Nobody Does Like Dabbs

The meaning I think they were intending:
With unmatched quality and service, nobody is as good as Dabbs.

The meaning I get out of the slogan:
I don't like Dabbs, and nobody else does either.

While we might say we like Dabbs, nobody actually does like Dabbs.


It's not the heat, it's the humidity.
117 degrees

117 Degrees!


My wife and I lived at our last house for about 8 years. Now, when you first move to a new house, you tend to get the previous owners junk mail. There are two completely unrelated organizations that still send junk mail to the Pirtles, despite the fact they moved away 8 years ago: 1) Beach Bend Amusement Park and Splash Lagoon of Bowling Green, Ky. (and Beach Bend Raceway) 2) Scientologists.

As an aside, Scientology has always struck me for about everything that can be wrong with a religion. For example, not actually being religious. Their monthly magazine we'd keep getting is called Celebrity Magazine. The biggest selling point for Scientology tends to be the famous people who are Scientologists. Each issue contains
1) A C-list celebrity on the cover
2) How you can order L. Ron Hubbard's last 40 Dianetics books.
3) A quick blurb about what John Travolta's been up to.
4) Directions to Scientology hotel and resort in scenic sunny Los Angeles
5) Photos from the last party, with Isaac Hayes at the piano
6) How you can order L. Ron Hubbard's last 28 lectures on cassette.
7) an added flier from the local chapter with a calendar of free acting classes
8) no actual religious content or reference to Tom Cruise.


A week after I moved to Smyrna, the Smyrna Police Department decided they needed a new way to crack down on speeders.

Coincidence? I think so.

Police Department budget cutbacks?

After looking at this picture for a few seconds, you might notice it's not a real cop. It's a cardboard cutout.

The Smyrna police department has started to put this in various places around the city of Smyrna, but often it resides on Front street, a pedestrian-heavy part of Smyrna, which I think of as the "old part of town" near the now vacant passenger train depot. The speed limit through here is only 15 MPH.

What usually happens is that a motorist who has never seen it before will see it and immediately slam on the brakes. The second time they see it, they ignore it. On occasion, a real cop will hide behind the fake cop and really radar. People who know of the fake sign might continue to speed and then get a ticket. I have seen a picture of that in the Tennessean and the News Channel 5 Website. Apparently not many police departments are doing this nationwide as the story has made it to the New York Times.


Now that I live in Rutherford County, I should make a list of things to see and do. Coming in at around #127 on that list is something I can now strike off my list: The World's Largest Cedar Bucket.

World's Largest Cedar Bucket

It was built in 1889 and when built would hold 1566 gallons. It made headlines in 2005 when it was torched by an arsonist which made a lot of the wood fall off on the other side and charred some of the remaining wood.


Anonymous David Joye said...

Any word on how the fake cop is mounted? Can he be stolen? I would possibly like to move it to the Sam Ridley bridge over Murfreesboro Rd. I also might like to put it outside my window since my wife is very easy to scare. teehee

10:48 PM  

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