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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Published Photo #3 and more than you'll care to read

The book containing my third published photo came in the mail this week. It wasn't my most exciting picture, but it was apparently just what they were looking for.

Published Photo #3

The top half shows the front cover of the book and the bottom half shows how my picture was used. Here's my original photo:

Cumberland River Greenway Sign

The name of the book is Nashville: Amplified by Fiona Soltes and the Cherbo Publishing Group. If you wanted a copy, you can get one off Amazon for $60. They must have used the vast wealth of quality photographers on Flickr for many of their photos as seen here as an example. I got my book a couple of months late, but I got it and that's what counts. I'm not sure I would have paid $60 for this book if I wasn't in it, but it's a lovely book. While it's going to be used as a coffee table book of Nashville photos at my house, the purpose of the book seems to be to attract business to Nashville.

My photo appears on page 19, in a section discussing parks in Nashville. To the left of my photo is a nice sunset view of Radnor Lake. The Metro board of Parks is developing Greenways throughout Nashville, many of which are along the Cumberland river, such as at MetroCenter, Shelby Bottoms, and eventually near Opry Mills. Obviously, the sign I photographed is near downtown, along a walkway that connects Bicentennial Mall to Riverfront Park.

I still have three more books that will use my photos yet to be released. While I am talking about how great I am, I am going to show some other ways my photos have been used lately.

I suppose you could call this a published photo, but I will not have a book to show for it. The people at the Philadelphia Zoo liked my photo of a Dwarf Caiman:
Dwarf Caiman
and used it as their display sign:

Thanks to the people at, and specifically this link:
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It's a whole lot easier for me to egosurf and see who else has used my photos. What I often find most amazing is the strange context some of my photos are used in. Here's the latest:

Unsafe Ice Warning: Unsafe Ice! was used by a marriage counseling blog.

Gold Statue and flag This Washington DC sight (which includes a statue I don't know the name of, and the flag on top of the Executive Office Building) was included in the Washington DC Schmap travel guide.

2006 TN State Fair: Crested Guinea Pig This crested Guinea Pig is now on Wikipedia.

Rabbit This rabbit picture was used pretty much for the heck of it here. By the way, this picture was taken at the Wilson County Fair in 2006. We bought the other rabbit in the cage behind it. In other words, this pic was taken about five minutes before we bought Houdini.

Airplane Casket This goofy picture of an Airliner Casket at the Smithsonian was discussed at Upgrade:Travel They stumbled across this photo when they found:

Who you callin a crab?  Baltimore This shelf of Baltimore Crab souvenirs was used at Upgrade: Travel's post about the Airline Passengers bill of Rights.

Ruby Falls Barn I've photographed over 70 advertising barns, and someone wanted to use the worst one. This Ruby Falls barn was used by an IBM Programmer in his blog about the Ruby programming language.

Ian Kinsler this picture of Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler was used by a Toronto Blue Jays fan blog.

Be prepared to stop This odd handicapped sign was linked to by someone on Livejournal.

Statue of Freedom, US Capitol This statue sits atop the U.S. Capitol building and was used in a blog post about Tax Freedom Day.

When You See Rock City, You See the Best. Finally, someone who did want to talk about Rock City barns over Here. Albeit, it's still a Progressives in the south politics website.

Tennessee Electric Motor Company This old rusty neon sign was used in a blog post about how to get more traffic to your company's website using Google. Beats me.

Remember the Animated Donut Den? It turned out to be quite popular. JaysonKnight liked it. So did Dave Burke.

El Rancho Court This motel sign was used in a blog about how to stay fit while traveling.

Double Cola barn and Our Coffee is Okay were mentioned on Here and Here. The barn was also mentioned here.

Miniature golf snake The miniature golf snake at Goony Golf in Chattanooga was blogged by the miniature golf enthusiast.

Barnes and Nobles, Baltimore Power Plant The large power plant at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore was converted to a Barnes and Nobles. The picture was used talking about boring stuff Here, here and here.

Higgins Moonlite Drive-In The dign at Higgins Drive-In theater was used to talk about how to make your own back-yard theater.

Wes Littleton, #23, relief pitcher, Oklahoma Redhawks Victor Diaz, #10, second baseman, Oklahoma Redhawks John RheineckerFinally, the Rangers blogger at the Most Valuable Network website ( used my pictures of baseball transactions of Wes Littleton, Victor Diaz and John Rheinecker.

I promise, in my next post, I'll talk more about you and less about me. :)


Blogger Carol said...

Actually, I found the photos fascinating. Perhaps that was because I can give driving directions to several of them from just about anywhere in Nashville. ;)

8:58 AM  

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