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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Photos of Cheerleaders!

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I figure with a blog title like that, I'll get plenty of blog hits. It's all about ratings. Apparently the Cincinnati Reds think so also.
Going for ratings
This year, the Reds are toying with what is perhaps an ill-conceived idea of having cheerleaders at their home games. There's a reason that there aren't Cheerleaders at baseball games and I'm sure the Reds will remember those reasons while the season drags on. They'd probably trade them for a good bullpen lefty.

The rest of this post will be some pictures I've taken over the past month that have gotten my attention for being a little oddball. (Your level of oddballness may vary. There is no guarantee on your level of interestedness.)


While we're talking baseball, the two Reds with my favorite names, Bronson Arroyo and Jon Coutlangus, have about the most varied leg kicks that pitchers could have.

Reds pitcher #61 Bronson Arroyo Reds pitcher, #40 Jon Coutlangus

Arroyo's got his leg strait out in the air, while Coutlangus looks like he could rest his chin on his knee.


A 110 year old home near historic downtown franklin had this in the front yard:

Inflatable Alien sighting in Franklin, Tn


While driving north of Nashville on I-65, you see lots of billboards for two competing fireworks stores: Sad Sam's and Nervous Charlie's

Sad Sam's and Nervous Charlie's

My question for you is, would you rather buy fireworks from someone who is clinically depressed or a spastic basket case? Traveling south of town on I-24, you spend less time worrying about the psychosis of the seller and more about if the inflatable dinosaur will eat you.

The Inflatable Dinosaur that will eat you...

There are also dinosaurs on I-65. This one is near the exit for Mammoth Cave.

Interstate Dinosaur

Dairy "Yum Yum" of Ripley, OH

It makes you wonder how "Yum Yum" the rusty vanilla tastes. MariLynn and I stopped here. Instead of ice cream, we ordered smoothies. The one person who could operate the smoothie was off duty and they had to wake her up. She lived across the street.


Greenwood Motel

"Stay at Greenwood Motel. We serve Mountain Dew"

"Sleep where the Royalty Sleeps!"

"Come to Royal Inn! Sleep where the Royalty Sleeps"

Pepsi Liquor


Now hiring Reckless Drivers!!!

(paid advertisement)
There's an old joke...
Did you hear that FedEx and UPS merged?
The new company was called FedUp.
Are you a FedUp customer?
If so, we remind you to use the U.S. Postal Service.
We won't get the package there faster, but we will get the package there cheaper.


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