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Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Myspace Musician Experiment

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About 5 years ago, I bought for me and my wife some music creation software, Sonic Foundry's Acid Music 3.0. With Acid, you mostly use royalty-free music samples that loop. It is quite simple to make electronica/techno music using this software. My wife will still make a song every once in a while, and has made hundreds over the years. On the other hand, I made about a dozen songs, and I am rather proud of them.

If you want to be a serious turntablist, you have to give yourself a DJ name. I am not a serious turntablist, but thought it would be cool to still have a DJ name. The first idea was DJ Diego. Back in my high school days, I had three nicknames that didn't really stick well. The first was "Cro" which was published in the school paper when I was a freshman. I asked the story's author what it meant, and she didn't know; she had just heard it being used by the seniors. I still don't know what it meant. The second nickname came from Justin. He called me Barysh, which was short for Mikhail Baryshnikov, the famous Russian Ballet dancer. I don't know why. My third nickname was Diego, which was my "Spanish name" in Mrs. Galloway's high school Spanish class. Thus, DJ Diego. This sounded better than DJ Cro or DJ Barysh.

But, I stopped liking the name. Diego is sort of a common name in Mexico. There could already be a couple hundred DJ Diegos out there. I wanted a unique name that was goofy enough to fit my personality, and DJ Flapjack stuck. Plus, I could see a pancake on a record player.

Fast forward to October 2006. I was out of work, and I've always wanted to hear some of my songs online. I was curious just how many hits I would get if I created a myspace band profile. If I was going to do it, I was going to do it right. I spent a day creating a profile icon, as well as an album cover and singles.

On October, 26, 2006, the DJ Flapjack Myspace profile was born.

as I said, I made a profile icon I could be proud of:

Dj Flapjack logo

An album cover:

Gold  & Platinum CD

I was presumptuous enough to assume I'd have a gold or a platinum album from this faux greatest hits cd. Platinum is the only element in focus.

Then, I made three singles covers using some of my photos to go along with three of the songs I put on the myspace profile.

take me away

"We Call it a Carhole" is a B-side which is not online. The title came a a Moe quote on the Simpsons, which has nothing to do with the song. The picture is at "Blue Hole" at Greeter Falls park.


This was inspired by the periodic table. Osmium is a rare metal which is also the heaviest metal. Likewise, the song was as close to Heavy Metal as I was going to get with a loop-based song creator and no actual musical talent. The picture is a train car filled with scrap metal and it was in the parking lot at LP Field.


Finally, there was Dustbin. If you've visited my MySpace Profile up until about a month ago, this was my profile song. I don't have musical talent, but I have a smidgen of audio editing talent, and was able to sample the two big Queen hits Another one Bites the Dust and We Will Rock You. This track needs to be polished, but I've always liked it. By the way, the "Dustbin" photo was taken at Fort Negley, if you know your Nashville Civil War history.

All that was left for me to do on my profile, I added a record album Contact Table, said my home is NashVega$ and my indie record label is Waxy Buildup Records. As it turns out, there already was a DJ Flapjack on myspace, so for the URL, I decided to sound all official and use /theoneandonlyflapjack/

I sent friend requests to a few high profile artists so that it wouldn't be blatantly obvious that it was me. It was also really tough to not tell any of you that I had done this.

So How did I do?
1) Tom
2) Me - DJ Flapjack has been my #14 friend for a while.
3) MariLynn
4) I created a similar band profile for MariLynn's music, and we've never done anything with it. I called that profile MixMasterMary. This completes the Waxy Buildup Records all star lineup.
Musicians I sent friend requests to:
5) Fatboy Slim
6) Moby
7) Black Eyed Peas
8) Mighty Dub Katz
9) Armand van Helden
and these Acid-usable sample creators:
10) Peace Love Productions
11) XMIX Productions
It should be noted that my friend request was denied by Gnarls Barkley.

Fast-forward 6 months. I've gotten 7 friend requests:
12) Tokyo Flash - an agent (who also says he was an Olympic Champion!)
13) OLSPUR - this nice guy, also a musician, is the only guy to actually talk to me.
14) Ninjatron
15) Reality Serum - the last 2 are bands
16) Bird's Eye Media - a remix studio
17) Fatboy Slim Freak! - a fanclub, I suppose
18) Angie - just someone who wanted a bunch a friends.

In these 6 months, I've also had 100 profile views and 193 song plays. You can send me a friend request, or don't, it doesn't matter to me. :)


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DJ Flapjack for President!

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