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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Steve Carrell's Sweat O'Gold

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I consider myself to be somewhat of a soda connoisseur. Mountain Dew has always been one of my favorites, but anytime I see something different on the store shelves, I feel the need to try it. Here are some of my recent soda purchases since the last time I brought it up on my blog.

Sierra Mist Undercover Orange

Brand new on the shelves is a variant of Sierra Mist called Undercover Orange. It's a mandarin orange flavor and is Undercover as a tie-in to the upcoming Steve Carrell movie Get Smart. Brent's useless-to-you Flavor Rating: 3 of 5 stars.

Cheerwine Bottle (90th commemorateive edition) Sundrop bottle

90th anniversary commemorative bottle of Cheerwine. Then, a typical bottle of Sundrop.

Boylan Grape and Orange soda bottles

Boylan grape and orange

Replica 1899 Coke Bottles

Coke reproduced these replica 1899 coke bottles. Back then, they had cork for lids instead of bottle caps, but I won't hold that against them.

Stewart's Key Lime Soda

Stewart's Key Lime soda. If heaven could be expressed in liquid form, this would be it. I love it. Why does a 4-pack have to cost 4 dollars? That's outside of my recreational soda price range budget. Side note, I just learned that Key Lime is a specific type of lime. I had always assumed that Key Lime Pie was a type of lime pie made famous in the Florida Keys. Brent's useless-to-you Flavor Rating: Best. Drink. Ever.

Mountain Dew new retro hillbilly design

Somehow, I had missed Mountain Dew's Special designed 16oz. Aluminum Bottle set called Green Label Art. I got this one, as it's a retro design since Mountain Dew advertisements had a hillbilly moonshiner in the 50's.

It's at this point that I look and see I've got lots of sodas to cover, many of which became rather commonplace eventually, but my first one was a novelty at the time.

Vault Red Blitz. Mountain Dew Game Fuel. 7up Pomegranate. Kroger house brand Mango.

Over the last couple of years, I've noticed the grocery stores have added aisles of Mexican products, such as Barrilitos soft drinks. To me, they aren't unusual compared to what you have found here for years.

Examples include the Tropical Punch and the Peach Sodas. I like them all.

except for this one. This is an Apple Soda. Nasty. Couldn't drink it. Rivals Dr. Enuf as the worst soda I've ever had. Brent's useless-to-you Flavor Rating: -2 out of 4 diamonds, with a bonus bitter frownie face.

Hank's Gourmet Orange Cream Soda. Personally, I think the name Hank and Gourmet are probably mutually exclusive in a product title. It makes up for it's tastes-like-every-other-limited-quantity-orange-soda-ness with a distinctive metal bottle escutcheon. Brent's useless-to-you Flavor Rating: B+

Frostie Blue Cream Soda. Yes, that's a little inset of Santa on the bottle. I suppose this is a good way to celebrate a blue Christmas. Quick reminder: Blue drinks are never blueberry flavored, as that would be too obvious. Brent's useless-to-you Flavor Rating: 82/120

I like how Jones soda is becoming a bit more mainstream. Their 12 packs aren't overly expensive, despite not having traditional soda flavors. Their Strawberry Lime is good. Brent's useless-to-you Flavor Rating: Two Thumbs Up in a Circle.

ALE81 is rather famous in Kentucky. It's a fruity Ginger Ale. I wish it would dip down into middle Tennessee. Brent's useless-to-you Flavor Rating: ESFP

Hansen's Energade. I don't remember it at all. I just remember the can looks like it is the official drink of some middle eastern country. Brent's useless-to-you Flavor Rating: I for Incomplete

Here's one not available in a can or bottle (at least around here). It's Spezi. There is an actual name-brand Spezi available in Germany. My wife and I were at a German Restaurant in a medium-sized country town and they make spezi the home-made way: One part coke, One part orange soda, and a hint of Mello Yello. Tasty.

I started off by professing my love for Mountain Dew. I also really like their Taco Bell Eexclusive Baja Blast. There have been times I'd go to Taco Bell just to get Baja Blast. The best part is MariLynn doesn't like it at all, so she'll never drink any of mine. She says she thinks it's what carbonated Windex would taste like.

Mountain Dew can be romantic. It just has to be served in stemware from a dimly lit restaurant.



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