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Friday, February 29, 2008

My Newest Fan!

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So I was minding my own business checking my MySpace email inbox when I got this lovely message from a guy with the screen name "The MOthMan Catcher." Here is his email, cut and pasted here completely unchanged, except I've edited all of the naughty words.

Yeah hey ... nice taxidermy makeover ! If your town supports that [naughty word deleted] ... you're lucky I don't publicly / nationally make fun of you for your post that you've got here , and YOU'RE lucky if I don't expose the small town trash / people that uses that [naughty word deleted] to do bad stuff or to get money or whatever ! ( BELIEVE ME ! ) YOu piece of [naughty word deleted] ! Check out the mothman and the other trash , and see you're kinda outta date and made a fool of ! IDIOT ! I HATE TRASH LIKE YOU ! TWO THUMBS DOWN FOR POOR QUALITY AND POOR STORY LINES !!! BOO ! YOU [NAUGHTY WORD DELETED] SAD [NAUGHTY WORD DELETED] POSER !!!!

This made my day! Although I would love the opportunity to be publicly / nationally made fun of, because just imagine how many hits my blog would then get, allowing me to rack up the advertising dollars!

I'm not too certain which post of mine he was particularly upset about, although there's a good chance it was either this picture:
Which I think is a carved-from-a-tree mothman, or probably a mothwoman, and he is THE mothman catcher. However, I don't think I've ever posted about it, but if you google "Mothman" or "Cryptozoology" you are likely to find that picture and it gets viewed 10-15 times a day. By the way, this mothwoman is a wooden carving at the fine non-chain motel in Chattanooga we were staying at.

Odds are more than likely that he came across this post about this picture
Creature of Sugar Flat Rd. - Lebanon, TN
which was linked to by and resulted in the neighborhood of 20,000 hits to this blog.

I would like to open a dialog with Mr. Catcher, and I pulled up his Myspace Profile. I now realize that his own words will be much more entertaining and thought provoking that any missive I could opine about him. So here we go, all of this is information he wrote on his myspace profile. (As before, all dialog is left intact with only the naughty words removed.)

This page is to expose the ignorence we live around .. Whether it be just in WV , or across the world .... and the purpose of this page is to eliminate the homes for serial killers , and the promotion / mentallity of them .

He's just getting started. The ignorence is bountiful. How much can you stand?

Some people who'd support something like my title . Why do we have to live like our town and our people is from pet cemetery or something ? NO ONE SUPPORT ENDING STATE / SMALL TOWN MAFIA [naughty word deleted] ?

Pursuing the mothman / state pen's place and the other [naughty word deleted] , and taking it down or making it something else . There is no reason for ghost hunters or whoever to roam around in the pen and look for death / ghosts . There is no ghost / aliens there is people ! Check out reality with God . The aliens would disenegrate , and the ghost would be satan in the form of the mummy if allowed by the dopehead seein it ... ( from lights allowances ! )

Favorite Books: Where the red fern grows

If you all wanna disagree with this page ... you're promoting terrorism , and you're also allowing satan to live . Why allow satan to be in your life , and why would you promote serial killers ? ??? TAKE IT THE [naughty word deleted] DOWN ! OR you can say I'm the God of all things ... since the god of heaven and earth told me so , and since I have proof and all . ( at least enough proof to leave a mystery lol )

" take it the [naughty word deleted] down " ( the moth man statue .. which is the most ignorent [naughty word deleted] I've ever seen . ... PEOPLE... why do we have a [naughty word deleted] statue of a serial killer ? ) that should be a local soldier or president bush or something .. NOT A STATUE OF AN UNKNOWN SERIAL KILLER / THE REMAINS HE LEFT BEHIND TO FLEE WITH .

People ... if I die ... since they kill whoever pursues it ( so they can keep [naughty word deleted] the way it is ) KNow its not a [naughty word deleted] curse and see the " mafia " behind it . AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT ! OUR FUTURE DEPENDS ON IT !

THINK ... does someone have a right to kill you or someone you love ... ( or hate even ) and say that it was the " mothman " ? Is it true that our law enforcement is just , a drug doin mafia / sex scandals or master hypnotists ? Obvisoulsy funders of terroism , considering they'd " highly " laugh or snub their nose so to speak at a [naughty word deleted] statue representing terrorism / lies . Is the money / sex / whatever worth it ? I DONT [naughty word deleted] THINK SO YOU DUMB [naughty word deleted] !

[naughty word deleted] with me !
I'll be bustin that [naughty word deleted] in the middle of the night the middle of some karate or whatever ! Try me !
Bring it dopeheads.....Even in Character ! I dare ya .
I'm gonna bust that [naughty word deleted] !

The mothman's last strike according to the media ... was in 2007 on a bridge in minnesota on HWY I 35 . He or she has struck since the 60s' and the [naughty word deleted] pumpkinhead [naughty word deleted] has went far enough dont you think ? [naughty word deleted] ! its seriously just a [naughty word deleted] scapegoat ... for architectural defaults / mafia's murder so to speak . The money making and the murder has got to end . Why promote this [naughty word deleted] People ? Why fund Terroism , and swear you want nothing but the terrorism to stop . YOu're saying 911's planes were driven by ghosts you [naughty word deleted] idiots !

He goes on a lot longer in his blog. He also prints his name and address and phone number in his blog. Should I send Mr. Catcher a Christmas card this year? Or better yet, a leap day card? But what do I know, I'm not a West Virginian College Student. I'm only a small town SAD [NAUGHTY WORD DELETED] POSER.



Blogger Jacob said...

Oh man Brent, this guy is a national treasure. Can you tell him to come insult me over at my blog? :)

I think my favorite part is that in all the ranting his favorite book is "Where the Red Fern Grows".

Seriously, I want to meet this guy :)

11:29 AM  

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