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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My Invisible friend

[Brent's note: I wrote this about 8-10 years ago,and am pulling it out of the vault for the blog. I've got lots of other stuff from as little as 5 years ago to as far away as when I was in 5th grade that I might post whenever he mood strikes.]

"_____ , my invisible friend"

I have an invisible friend.
His name is_____ .

He wasn't born that way,
But he had an unfortunate accident
With a cloaked Klingon starship.

He went to high school with me.
He wasn't very popular.
We knew what he was thinking:
His feelings were transparent.
He felt empty inside.
He was always picked last for every sport --
Except Dodge ball.

Once he developed laryngitis
And couldn't speak
We thought he had run away.
How could we tell?

He went to the University
And majored in philosophy.
He stayed up late
Drinking Crystal Pepsi
And reading H.G.Wells novels.

He couldn't think clearly.
He failed all of his classes
Because he wrote all his papers
With invisible ink.

Then he got a job.
He wasn't very good.
He was a mime.
His scenes were unseen.
Things were rather bleak.
But he had a good radio voice.

Then, he got a good job:
Working in the movie industry
Doing special effects.
All his co-workers went on strike.
Nobody noticed when
He crossed the picket line.
(He hid a concealed weapon.)

He married a great visible wife.
They had a spiritual relationship.
They had one and a half children.
They really had three children
but you could only see half of each one.

They had a pet invisible dog
and named him spotless.

[The end. I bet you couldn't see the point.]


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