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Friday, February 15, 2008

This car doesn't run on gasoline, it runs on...

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The Hawaiian Punch Muscle Car

It's the Hawaiian Punch Muscle Car!

As someone who's in to photography, it's amazing that I will drive a couple of hours to photograph something, but don't usually go out of my way to take a picture of things I want pictures of that I drive past every day. On the way to work, I'll pass by something and realize it was there yesterday, there today and will probably be there tomorrow, too, so there's no rush. Today, I suppose it was the right amount of resolve, and the car parked up closer to the street than normal.

Parked in front of a mechanic less than a mile from my house on Lowry St. (US41/70S) in Smyrna, TN. Based on the cars parked in front of this mechanic's shop, I think they probably specialize in muscle cars. It's missing headlights, so it's not night time street legal yet. My favorite thing about the car is the bar code at the front. I wonder if it replicates an actual bar code from an actual Hawaiian punch bottle. I'm too lazy to go to the fridge and look. I should print out this picture and try to scan it the next time I'm at the grocery store.

At this point, I should confess my love for Hawaiian Punch, specifically the flagship flavor of Fruit Juicy Red. That's right, I'm a 31 year old fat married guy with no kids who usually has a gallon of Fruit Juicy Red in my fridge. But alas, I would have never thought of customizing my car like the one above.

Continuing with the tour of the car, to the top and back of the front wheel is written "24 Pack." Fruit Juicy Red is written on the driver side door and Hawaiian Punch is written behind the rear wheel. If they really wanted to put forth an extra effort, they'd replace the rims with really large blue bottle caps. I also wonder if the car is a convertible, or if the roof is just missing.



Blogger Will C. said...

Please, Brent - don't refer to it as being fat and childless. Give yourself some credit. You are snubbing the laws of gravity and nature with much success. This is simply your dark, rebelious side. Everyone goes through the phase where they learn they are unique. Uh, wait, there's something wrong with that sentence. Be different: don't rebel! Conform! That'll teach them.

11:25 PM  

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