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Sunday, March 20, 2005

More Soda Madness

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Over the past week, I had the opportunity for the first time to try the new overload of flavors, known as Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper. The rumor is that Dr. Pepper is a cola with prune juice added. Now they were not content with just adding cherry flavor but they have also added vanilla. We should be thankful that they didn't add Lemon. (I tend to not like my soft drinks "on the rocks with a twist, anyway.)

There is, of course, also a Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper. I suppose its motto should be "Tastes more like the original that any other cherry vanilla doctor-based* soda than any other. I have not heard if there were plans for any Caffeine Free versions in the future. To add to the fun, Dr. Pepper on their website offers this tease: Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper is the first in a series of exciting new fountain classics from Dr. Pepper coming soon to a soda fountain near you. I am awaiting the new unreleased old classics that they are developing!

*Footnote: a doctor-based soda would be Dr. Pepper or any clone, such as Dr. Thunder, Dr. Slice, Dr. Perky, Docterrific, Dr. K, Dr. A+, Dr. Diablo, etc… Included in this list would be Mr. Pibb, who I am assuming is still working on his PhD. Excluded from this list should be the otherwise appropriately named Dr. Enuf which tasted like a Sprite with dissolved vitamins added. One bottle and I thought, Enuf! For more information on this topic, visit your local library or consult these webpages:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr. Enuf also has a Cherry Herbal variation for those not to keen on the vitamin taste.

9:17 AM  

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