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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Physics and Glucose

Here are two concepts that I submit for your consideration:

The Dual Nature of Caffeine Theorem

The Dual Nature of Light Theorem, simplified says that light is neither a particle or a wave. I propose that caffeine is neither a stimulant drug or a non-stimulant.

If (especially as a college student) you need to stay up late to get work done, you are likely to drink lots of sodas (or coffee, tea, or whatever your intake method of choice might be) in hopes that you can stay up late. However, invariably, thirty minutes later, the buzz has worn off and you are more tired than before you drank the Mountain Dew.

Yet, if you drink a Mello Yello right before bedtime, you will squirm in bed half the night (and have lots of good thinking time).

You might find that I talk about soft drinks often.

My final thought on this topic:
Jolt Cola = Twice the Caffeine, Twice the sugar, Twice the disappointment.

Potential vs. Kinetic Candy.

Kinetic energy deals with how much energy an object, perhaps an anvil, has while it is moving. Potential energy deals with how much energy an object, perhaps a VW Beetle caught in a palmetto tree, is storing when held at an elevated position (or the energy it could have when crashing to the ground).

If you loathe physics, ignore this paragraph:
lets say that the anvil weighs 1kg and has been falling for 5 seconds. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8m/s/s, so after 5 seconds, a falling anvil's velocity would be 49m/s. Kinetic Energy is measured as KE=1/2*m*v(^2), this anvil would be 1/2*1*(49*49)=1200.5 Joules. I will not calculate the potential energy of a VW in a tree. Let this be an exercise for the reader!

When I was a child and would go trick-or-treating on Halloween night, I would always gleefully go over my stash and carefully examine what and how much I had. Kinetic candy would be how much enjoyment I would get when eating a piece of candy. Potential candy is the amount of candy I had on the table when I got home that night.

Over the next week, each night I would eat 3 or 4 items, but I would never eat the last fun-size bag of M&Ms, because then, I would lose the potential for eating it in the future. To me, I gained more enjoyment over knowing how much I had left compared to how much I enjoyed eating that item. Then, by mid November, I would put the bag of everything in the fridge, never to be opened again. By next October, it will have all been thrown away. In some weird way, the thought that I could go get any of that candy at any time during those months was more important to me.

Except for Skittles. I hated Skittles. I also hated Mary Janes and those peanut-butter flavored candies that were in the black and orange wrappers but didn't have a name. Their candy potential would cancel out a Sugar Daddy.


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