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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

And, what have we put in the pay phone coin return slots?

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There are two urban legends I have had passed on to me several times over the years. The most common one is that the FCC is considering making it illegal to show anything religious on television, citing separation of church and state, but I am not here to talk about this one.

The other one I have seen is that gangs have a new initiation process, where the new gang member drives around at night with their headlights off. Then, when the first person flashes their headlights at the gangmember, the gangmember will turn their car around and hunt down the other motorist and shoot and kill the driver.

Now, thanks to websites like, people like us can check the validity of these urban legends. By now, if you have ever checked out these urban legends, you have probably stumbled across this headlights hoax. The well-informed people will now not be wary of flashing their headlights at cars with their beams off.

If I were to start a gang....(hold on for a moment, I don't like gangs, so I would start a well organized militia) If I were to start a militia, I would want my militiamen to target only the well-informed people. As part of the initiation into my militia, when they are flashed by headlights, they would need to turn around and... (hold on for another moment, I don't condone violence, either) and catch up to the driver and give a really good noogie! That'll show 'em!


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