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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Finally something to say

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I have finally done it, I started my own blog. For those of you relatives of mine that do not know what a blog is, a "blog" is short for "weblog", which is short for "World Wide Web Journal."

The first amendmant to the US Constitution gives me the right to say whatever I want, and thanks to, a place to say it. However, I do not have a right to be heard, so if you stumbled here by accident, I appreciate you reading this far. I still do not have the right to yell "Fire!" in a crowded theater in this blog.

I suppose that somedays, I might discuss technology, or geography, or history, comment on the news, or shamefully plug new features on my website. I probably will bot have a constant theme so, therefore, also not have a niche audience.

The frequency of my postings will fall somewhere in this range:

[The life of a tastebud] < [time between new posts] < [a blue moon, once in]

...but don't hold me to it.


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