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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

NCAA Tourney: How'd I do?

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As mentioned a few weeks ago, I filled out several tournament brackets using a historical data and a random number generator. If you missed it, here's that post complete with the typo in the title.

At this point, I should probably pretend that I only filled out one bracket.

a bracket entitled The Witticism of Mr. Bagel did very well, and probably beat your entry, gentile reader. If Memphis would have beaten Kansas instead of the other way around, I would have beaten 98% of all entrants, but alas Kansas won. This bracket had both in the finals and correctly picked 44 of the games. In the end, it did beat 89.5% of all entries and ranked 333696 out of over 3 million.

MySpace is the world's online leader in insightful college basketball insight. Strike that last comment. MySpace is the world's online leader in buggy code and banner ads that slow my computer to a grinding halt which happened to also host a Tourney bracket contest. I had the opportunity to choose Gorgetown and Austin Peavy (who might be Jake Peavy's brother) in my bracket. I suspected that the Witticism of Mr. Bagel might be my best bracket so I submitted it on MySpace also. I'm not sure how scoring is calculated different here. (some contests give more points to the later rounds and some contests give extra weight to predicting upsets. I never pay attention to these scoring methods.) Out of 44431 entrants, I was number 15335 with a score of 106, meaning I beat 65% of everybody.

My other 6 brackets ranged from average to poor, which is what you should expect from someone ignorant of college hoops.

selffaw tnemelcni did get Kansas correct and was therefore my second best bracket beating 64.4 of all entries with a rank of 1132862.
Insufficient Bisque Space was 3rd beating 46.4% of all entries with a rank of 1704538.
legam rm fo msicittiw was my best bracket held up to a mirror. beat 44.3% with ranl 1770474.
Apothecary Fisher (a.k.a. Pharmacist Leia) came in 5th beating 30.3% with a rank of 2217128.
Inclement Waffles is a good name for a band, or at least a decent breakfast forecast, but a lousy bracket beating 25.0% with a rank of 2384382.
Audacity of Hoop was the real stinker. (The name was a pun based on Obama's book, so draw your own conclusion.) This bracket bested a measly 3.9% of all entrants with a rank of 3054389. I got 30 games right. My best bracket got 44 right. Isn't it amazing what a difference 14 more correct makes?

ESPN's overall winner, mr. Insanespiv got 54 right and 9 wrong. Out of 3 million people, the best guy got 9 wrong. That just demonstrated how tough it is to get the whole thing perfect.

By the way, Mr. Bagel was a stupid little cartoon doodle I did in high school instead of paying attention in Math Class. My goal someday is to find all those and scan them and post them here. Wish me luck in finding them. I think I saw my old papers during our move, but that box is now long since buried.


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