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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Nobody pays less attention

Today, I was driving Murfreesboro Rd. in L.A. (Lower Antioch) and a billboard caught my attention. It was for 103.3 WKDF. (side note: remember when WKDF played good music? people will make this observation for years.)

It said in big letters:
RICK MARINO IN THE MORNINGS. And it had a big picture of Rick Marino.

My thought:
Dagnabbit! I wish it was morning so I could tune my car radio to 103.3 and listen to Rick Marino.
(minor clarification: I didn't really think that.) I don't know anything at all about Rick Marino. He's probably a nice guy. Someday, he might search for his name on Google and find this blog, at which point I would say, "Hi! Don't take this personally." So far, this advertisement hasn't provided a convincing reason to tune into 103.3 in the morning. I wish the billboard said something else. Oh wait, it did:


I can't stand modern country music at all. For the sake of argument, let's pretend I do. If I want to listen to country music, this must be the station for me, because with a statement like that, they must be playing country music nearly all the time. Commercials are a necessary evil, but I bet this means that don't waste a lot of airtime with news reports you can get other places, radio contests, traffic and weather, and talkative disk jockeys.


So the message they're trying to convey is...
Tune into 103.3 where Mr. Marino will be on the air, but you won't actually hear him because he will be playing country music when you tune in.
I thought nowadays they had supercomputers or robots for that kind of thing.


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