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Monday, February 05, 2007

An update on where you'll find my photos

I Thought I'd share an update on where some of my photos can be found on the internet. Almost all of my pictures are uploaded with a creative commons license, which means most of the pictures can be used in a not for profit situation.

First, here is a for profit website which I allow to use one of my photos for free: This Realtor's Website from Murfreesboro uses my Rutherford County Courthouse picture. (She asked for permission)
Rutherford County Courthouse

Several of my pictures now appear on Wikipedia. These are the ones I know about:
The UFO has landed The Signal Mtn. UFO house.
Music City Star, Nashville's Passenger train The Music City Star
The Original KFCThe Original KFC
Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge The Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge (my 2nd most viewed photo)
This same photo appears on this Trying-to-be-relevant tourism website.
The Music City Star photo also appears on this Trying to be relevant website.

Speaking of KFC, The Old and New KFC signs appear on
KFC signs: Old and New

This close-up of a friend's pet sugar glider appeared on the front page of Yahoo Answers for a day. (I could never find it.)
pet Sugar Glider

The downloadable tour guides have used bunches of my photos. Here are the Nashville photos:
African Crowned Crane, Grassmere Zoo, Nashville Lazy Meerkat on a hot, summer day Loveless Cafe Neon Sign Grassmere Bongo The Capitol Steps Sheep at Grassmere What the Nashville Sounds are known for IMG_9263 IMG_9214IMG_7038 IMG_7202 Waterfall at Marrowbone Lake
And these Chattanooga pictures:
Read House Hotel, Chattanooga, TN Prarie Dog, Chattanooga Zoo Dracula Deer

The Bobble-head photo was also referenced on a bobble-head blog. Also, it was used on the article called Pray Ball!

Blogs (this is where I usually find the pics used in the weirdest ways.)

Along the midway: the Freak Show This painting of the two-headed turtle was used in a politics blog about a Libertarian Democrat.
Seattle Wheel My worst published photo of the Seattle wheel was used on CarneyTown.
IMG_4322 And so was the Spammobile.
Guitar scoreboard for the Nashville SoundsThis was mentioned on
Leaving the dog park.Our dog Slinkie is seen leaving the dog park in the rear-view mirror. Does anyone speak Hebrew?
Balance The Chinese acrobat appears in a software developers blog about balancing features.
The "dragon" of Dragon Park A blog about mosaic art featured my photo as well as other photos of the Dragon of Fannie Mae Dees Park.
Goat Race Here is an unusual adaptation of the goat race.
One of Nashville's art guitars A website selling Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison uses this picture
A Tennessee Swimming Hole This tiny lake, known as Blue Hole, was used in a post about moderating health care costs.

My eventual goal is to make money off my photos, which will probably never happen as a full time professional, but any side income would be welcome. In my next update, I will discuss some of the ways I hope to make money, a photo used by an Indonesian University, and a couple of books that will publish my photos.


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