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Thursday, December 21, 2006

The 2006 Last Minute Holiday Shopping Guide

Are there any hard to shop for friends and relatives in your buying plans this year? If so, this 2006 Holiday gift shopping guide is for you. These products won't actually be good gifts for anybody, but you can rest assured that you won't have a dull Christmas.

MySpace Identity Theft Insurance

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing cyber-crimes on MySpace. 9 out of every 10 celebrities have their MySpace Identity stolen. Anyone with a fifth-grade reading level can create a new profile and call that profile whatever they want, and that means they can pretend to be you on MySpace. Anyone with access to the Internet might be able to find a picture of you and add it to their profile. The Life Mutual of Des Plaines Insurance Company has the solution. For only $60 per year, they will monitor MySpace to see if there are any profiles pretending to be you.

A year's supply of replacement protective film

Do you know anybody that refuses to peel off the clear tape that covers the screen on their laptop, cell phone or MP3 player? They do what they can to leave it stuck over the clear plastic lens that covers the LCD, but after a few months, The corner's and edge's adhesiveness starts to wear off and its not long until there's only one line of defense from minor scratches. OpaqueVue Technologies of Nova Scotia has several products for the discerning customer, but we recommend the AR1000 kit. For $39.95, the package contains all the protective film anyone could need, in shapes and sizes for all consumer electronics by all manufacturers. Plus if you scratch your film, or it wears off, there are several more like it in the kit.

Sudoku for Novices Page-a-Day Calendar

Do you know anyone who wishes they were good at Sudoku? They will spend a couple of hours and just can't seem to get it right. Or how about someone who doesn't have the dedication to work on a puzzle for more than about 10 minutes before getting bored? With this new Calendar, everyone can have the satisfaction of fully solving a puzzle 365 times in one year for only $10.95.
Sudoku for Novices page-a-day calendar

Christmas Music Silencer*

Christmas season seems to get longer every year, and next year it will begin around Labor Day. While most people enjoy Christmas, many people don't enjoy Christmas Music. Christmas Music doesn't make up 1/6th of all good music out there, but it gets about 1/6th of Radio airplay and mall Muzak. The NoX 1225 Christmas Music Silencer* slips comfortably over the ears, and when activated removes the sound of Christmas music that seems to be everywhere at this time of year.

*also known as noise canceling headphones

Livestrong Bracelet Flash Drive

Want to show off that you have contributed money to Lance Armstrong's Cancer fighting charity in a practical way while having the ability to transfer files from one computer to another?
USB Livestrong Bracelet Flash Drive
Available in 256MB and 512MB

Select ComfortTM Toilet Seat

It something you do every day. Most of them are made out of hard-as-a-rock plastic or wood. If you can find a padded toilet seat, it may be able to meet your needs, but the rest of your family or visitors may not be able to relax. The Poo Number Toilet Seat by Select ComfortTM uses uniquely designed air chambers to provide a gentle cushion of support which can easily be adjusted to your preference for comfort and firmness. Additionally, it allows each user to individually adjust the seat to their precise comfort level. My number is 65.

Gift Certificates to the BrentKMoore blog store!

Available in $25, $50 and $83 denominations. If I sell enough of these, I might actually need to have some actual products available for purchase.



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