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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wednesday's Recommended Reading

Every year in college, there was a day after classes finished before Final Exams started called Study Day, or Dead Day. Instead of studying, members of the drama department would put on a "24 hour" play. The drama professor would gather 5 non-related quotes, and the cast members had 24 hours to write a script about anything but had to incorporate those 5 quotes, plus rehearse, find props, etc. and then present the play.

I've never been an actor, but I tried a similar premise, and wrote a 24-hour short story. (nobody gave me quotes to incorporate. That's the 1 hour story and I may put up the video of that someday.)

The story is titled Don't Try This at Home. Here's the opening:

James Merloni, 28, and Lorraine Stocker, 26, had been happily dating for 19 months. For Valentines Day, James rented the biggest billboard on Main Street, which said, "Lorraine, Will you marry me? - James." The ecstatic Lorraine called James the moment she saw it.

They got married at the Happy Hills Chapel of Peace and Joy and Love and Matrimony. They honeymooned on the island of Oahu. He was almost stung by a jellyfish. She almost choked on a crab cake. Years later, they could look back and laugh.

James became a successful financial planner. Lorraine worked as an athletic trainer until she gave birth to three adorable children, Jimmy Jr., Louie and Melody. He retired at age 50 as a millionaire. They watched as their children attended Harvard, Yale and the New York Conservatory of Music. When they were 60, they had a total of seven grandchildren. James Merloni and the former Lorraine Stocker grew old together, and they were happy.

This story is not about them.

To read the Entire Story (about 10 minutes long) - CLICK HERE.


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