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Friday, December 15, 2006

It's that time of year!

Yes! It's political season! I got my first political spam of the new political season. It might even be someone that I'd vote for if for no other reason than they went to my high school, I think. The loser who sent the spam is:

Buck Dozier - who is running for mayor of Nashville


Many people register as Republican or Democrat. The Republicans call themselves the "party of Lincoln", which is fitting, because Lincoln's platform included staying the course in Iraq, lower taxes, the privitization of Social Security, and was against stem cell research. John C. Breckinridge was however is favor of creating a national health care system, partial birth abortion, and gay marriage.

In the unlikely event I run for office, maybe I should run as a Federalist, so that I can claim I am from the "Party of Washington."


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