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Sunday, December 10, 2006

It's Been Three Weeks: Job Observations

Here is a random scattershot of observations about my new cell phone repair job.

As long as I've been on the production floor, I've been working mostly on Motorola E815s. The Razr is a common phone, too. I have worked on them and they are the most difficult ones there. In training, I saw some standard LG phones, plus some Chocolates and Sidekicks.

The speed limit in the parking lot is 6.

on the 2nd day of training, our trainer said that they kept some alcohol in the locked cabinet behind us. I don't drink, but I thought that this shows the company must be very laid back. It turns out it was isopropyl alcohol, used for cleaning electronics.

One person once found a cell phone with drugs inside. It's considerably more likely to find a phone that was dropped into a toilet. We're not expected to fix those.

Many cell phones have cameraphones. In the last week, I've seen lots of pets and children. Every single camera has a dirty lens when I get it. They all look like they were dragged along the beach. What do you people do to your phones?

For safety reasons, many potentially dangerous things are given warnings in three languages. The red cabinet which store liquids that could catch fire is labeled:

They put One XBox 360 with one controller in the break room. It's got about 20 games on it but nobody seems to play anything but NBA Ballers.

I was issued my very own splunger! Or at least that's what my trainer called it. I did a google search on that word with no hits. I guess splunger is a better name than plastic pokey thing.
EDIT: I meant Spludger!

In the last year, the company hired a Director of IT security. In his first week on the job, before he had anything to do, he hacked the network and made a printout of everyone's password, which he presented at his first upper management meeting. Now password standards are stricter. I think they have to contain a lower-case consonant, an upper case vowel, a number and a special ASCII character that doesn't appear on the keyboard. My Password is ¡bE7®! to replace qwerty. O.k., I just made the last two sentences up.

We clock in using a hand scanner. That's pretty cool, but if they wanted to be really high tech, they would use retinal scanners instead.

Most pragmatic reason for picking a wedding date goes to: One of my coworkers got married on January 1st so that every anniversary would be a guaranteed day off.

I've noticed that the bathrooms get cleaned daily around 3:45 pm, which is the precisely worst time to do it, since it is between 1st and 2nd shifts - the time that everybody is in the building.

I didn't realize that Weird Al's "White and Nerdy" was a Chamillionaire parody until I found a phone with a "Ridin' Dirty" ringtone. After hearing a bunch of people's ringtones my faith in humainty has been shattered.

All of the Level 3 technicians have big fancy HP Radio spectrometers. I've never seen one actually being used.

Maybe I'll share some more soon...


Anonymous David said...

Wow, they sure have come a long way since I worked there in 2003. That's cool that they're training you on repair; has Lee made it far? heheh

7:18 PM  

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