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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The worst day of the year

I forgot to set the alarm and I overslept.

I haven't taken my car through the Marta vehicle emissions test or gotten my new vehicle registration yet, so my plates have expired. I would have done it today but I didn't have time. I could be pulled over by a cop for this at any time. (It's happened to me in years past.)

I brought my cellphone onto the production floor today. That's a problem because it's a cellphone repair company and it's assumed that if you go through security with a cellphone, you're trying to steal it. There's a procedure that has to be followed when this happens and the process involves making a manager grumpy.

My work production for the day was pretty lousy and a lot of little stuff made the day lousy

Jan. 1 is my birthday and I got to spend time with my extended family. That made Jan. 2 the worst day of the year.

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