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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Presidents Day! President Statues.

For those of you not familiar with, it is possible to assemble a collection of photos from multiple photographers all on a certain theme or topic. Several months ago, I started a group for pictures of U.S. President's Statues. Here are some examples:

George Washington was Here Andrew Jackson Statue, Nashville, TN Washington Statue - Smithsonian President Grant Statue, U.S. Capitol Rotunda. William Henry Harrison Statue, Cincinnati

One of the features of the group up to this point is 31 of the 42 (not counting Cleveland twice) U.S. Presidents are represented. As of today, there are 49 contributors to this. It is possible to pull up individual presidents by these links:

1 George Washington
2 John Adams
3 Thomas Jefferson
4 James Madison
5 James Monroe
6 John Quincy Adams
7 Andrew Jackson
8 Martin Van Buren
9 William Henry Harrison
10 John Tyler
11 James K. Polk
12 Zachary Taylor
13 Millard Fillmore
14 Franklin Pierce
15 James Buchanan
16 Abraham Lincoln
17 Andrew Johnson
18 Ulysses S. Grant
19 Rutherford B. Hayes
20 James A. Garfield
21 Chester A. Arthur
22 Grover Cleveland
23 Benjamin Harrison
24 Grover Cleveland
25 William McKinley
26 Theodore Roosevelt
27 William Howard Taft
28 Woodrow Wilson
29 Warren G. Harding
30 Calvin Coolidge
31 Herbert Hoover
32 Franklin D. Roosevelt
33 Harry S Truman
34 Dwight Eisenhower
35 John F. Kennedy
36 Lyndon B. Johnson
37 Richard Nixon
38 Gerald Ford
39 Jimmy Carter
40 Ronald Reagan
41 George Bush
42 Bill Clinton
43 George W. Bush

If you are looking for more than just statues, a more general group about all things US Presidents was started by Flickr user Tom (Marxchivist).


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