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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Rejected Tennesse Tourism Slogans

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I wrote these today when I had some time to kill.

Rock City: On a cloudy day, see 2 states.
Ruby Falls: Save yourself the trouble and buy the post card.
Incline Railway: World’s Steepest Tourist Trap.

Graceland: Childhood home of Michael Jackson’s ex-wife.
The Pyramid: This whole place can be yours, just name your price! Ample Parking!
Peabody Hotel: Spend your day watching ducks get off an elevator!
Zoo: Hey, We’ve also got a Panda!

Wave Country: Wet N’ Mild
Our Parthenon is Better because it hasn’t fallen down.

You too can make fun of the Sunsphere!
Forget this, We’re going to Gatlinburg!

Oak Ridge: The Pride of Atomic Weapons.

Murfreesboro: The charm of a small city and the traffic of a big city.

Gatlinburg: Six Flags over Podunk.

Pigeon Forge:
[use your own Dolly Parton Joke Here]
Heckle a caged black bear.

Sevierville: Like Pigeon Forge with cheaper hotels.

Cedars of Lebanon State Pake: Cedars not included.

Paris: Fish N’ French

Adamsville: We’d call it Bufordpusserville but that just sounds weird.

Hohenwald: Battle a stranger for a T-shirt from Chicago

Hurricane Mills: Coal Miner’s Daughter Self-Aggrandizement Ranch

Bucksnort: Yes, you read that right.


Blogger emily said...

that last one made me crack up. :)

5:49 PM  
Anonymous Chattanooga TN said...

Good stuff. Thanks for a nice blog.


Chattanooga TN

11:13 PM  

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