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Monday, April 10, 2006

NCAA Tourney: How the random numbers did on my bracket

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To first see what this is about, you can read the original blog post here.

I used a random number generator to fill out my NCAA Bracket. 2 things unusual happened:

FLORIDA lost in the first round
I still did better than 2/3 of America

of the 63 games, 33 were predicted correctly, 30 were incorrect. George Mason didn't necessarily mess up my bracket, as it messed up most people's bracket. Of the final four, only UCLA was correct.

I signed up for 2 contests. One was on ESPN, the other on local radio station 104.5. The day after the finals, 104.5 had already pulled their link to the contest, and I am unable to verify how well I did in their contest. I have emailed them and have waited 5 days for a response I will likely not get. I didn't win it all, but their scoring system rewarded picking upsets in round 1 and 2. If I ever do get their results, I will post it here.

ESPN's scoring rewarded more points for getting it right closer to the end. Their website does not say how many brackets were submitted but it has been estimated to over 3 million. I finished with an ESPN score of 610 in the 66th percentile (which means I beat 66% of submissions) and had a final rank of 902526.

That, and 39 cents will buy you a postage stamp.


Blogger eric said...

Well, you could use it to get 39 one-cent postage stamps.

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