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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Brent's Exercise in Useless Poetry 1: Spork!

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By Brent Moore

I walked in the lunchroom
and what saw my eyes
Was a new utensil
that was in disguise:
The unlikely union
of a spoon and fork.
What is this new item?
They call it a spork.
So how can I use it?
So what does it do?
I picked up a morsel;
it helped me to chew.
Now, why is it useful,
why would I want one?
The fork was too runny,
the spoon won't hold on.
So, ring out the tidings
and unpop the cork.
My cabinet's new member:
it's my friend, the spork.

Copyright 1998


Blogger Will C. said...

Useless? A spork?
They're perfect for Spam!
It's not a spiced fork,
But it cleans out the can.

"Spam" ryhmes with "can?"
Well, better than "pork."
Don't insult my ham,
And get your own spork!

Tick has a "Spoon!"
And Mac, the knife.
Blue Raja a fork,
But spork has no life.

Perfect for eggs,
Imported from Ork.
An Enterprising man,
Spock eats with a spork.

8:10 PM  

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