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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

More places to go in Washington DC

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Soon, my wife and I will be in Washington DC. We want to avoid lines and security checks, so these are some of the lesser known places in DC that we will visit:

The Grenada War Memorial
The Jimmy Carter Peanut stand
Hall of President Pro Tempores
President David Rice Atchison monument
The Andorran Embassy
Smithsonian Museum of Editorial Cartoons
Mulder's office at the FBI building
Gerald Ford's Theater
we will be staying at the W.H. Harrisonian Hotel
The Post Office Dead Letter Museum
The Filibuster Monument
The Gerrymandering Museum (located west of the White House and south of the Capitol)
the yearly fishing contest: The Salmon Chase
the Gullibility Museum on J street (click here to see their website)


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