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Friday, February 24, 2006

Brent Predicts the Future

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Time to put on my Nostradamas cap, except less poetic and more specific: (these are excerpted from future short stories which will be published here) Some of these will take millennia to come true.

There will be a Y10K crisis. It will be worse than the Y2K crisis because by then, no human will know how to program, and every computer will be affected.*

*with one exception: There will be a lab of TRS-80s in an inner city public school that will be unaffected.

In the future, Earthlings will generally have three call-by names and two surnames due to vast overpopulation and under-imagination.

The first serious attempt at time travel will be disrupted and ruined by hungry penguins. The first successful attempt at time travel will be unknown by the inventor, who’s ultimate goal will be to rapidly age gourmet cheeses.

Universities will have arguments between English and Philosophy professors who argue the uses of past, present and future tenses when discussing time travel.

Windows 2438 will be the last operating system the Microsoft people ever produce. This is due to the unbelievable unpopularity they will get after Mousepad Gates releases Microsoft Anti-Christ 1.0 a year later.

Computer Rights Activists will break into labs to set them free.

American audiences will experience Spencer Euglena - Microbe Cop. It’s one full hour of Deoxi-Ribonucleic Action!

When Cryogenics is perfected, healthy living people will volunteer to be human time capsules.

People will have MP9 players, and no physical media, like cds or cassettes. The player will have no storage but will be able to access servers which know all of the songs you have ever purchased which will then be streamed into your headphones.

The high demand for oil will eventually cause the auto manufacturers to design flying carpets. A popular seller will be the Ford Shag.

More to come later....


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