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Friday, January 21, 2011

I spent $4.19 and I saved...

Extreme couponing has been going well for several of my friends. Many of them are people I go to church with, because we had an Extreme Couponing seminar about a year ago. As if they're adding a trophy to their mantle, my friends will post on facebook how they spent $48 at Publix and got $120 worth of food. I think that is awesome for them.

Unfortunately, I'm not that coordinated. I suppose I could be that coordinated but I don't think I have the time to cut and organize coupons and stack them with the store coupons while waiting for the items to go on sale.

That's not going to stop me from having a little bit of fun. Today, I spent $4.19 at Big Lots and saved... How on Earth can you figure what you saved at Big Lots?

To begin with, I had a gift card from a friend, so the $4.19 was really everything not covered by that gift card.

Next, they still have a bunch of Christmas stuff leftover at 90% off. Yee-Haw. This is $25 worth of stuff for $2.50

Starting in the front and working backwards, there's...

1) a pound of Bratapfel-Stollen, which according to the footnote is Traditional German Baked Apple Fruitcake with 10% Almond Paste Filling. Almond paste almost sounds like food.
2) Festoso Panettone Italian Specialty Cake. I'd like to try something Specialty flavored.
3) GrandPaws mini P'nut Butter Flavored Dog Cookies. The footnote says it's Made with REAL Peanut Butterr. [sic] I suppose if it's really Peanut Butterr, could they drop the "Flavored" part of the title.
4) 75 years of Elvis Popcorn coin bank canister. I'm not a fan of Elvis. (I do like the song "Suspicious Minds.") I've sorta always wanted one of these, because I need somewhere to put all my pennies, plus it's uber-tacky. I just never wanted to pay $10 for one of these. I suspect when I'm not looking, my wife will throw this away after all the popcorn has been consumed.
5) 90ft. of giftwrap. You never can be too prepared.

Next, as a collector of sodas, I found four I'd never tried before

1) Frostop Orange & Cream. Frostop sounds like a joining of the words Frost and Stop. Huh.
2) Jarritos Tamarind. AKA the Jarritos Flavor I've never heard of before and that scares me a little bit.
3) Boylan Bottleworks Black Cherry. Boylan is good.
4) Red Bull Cola. I'm expecting this to taste terrible and give me wings. We shall see.

Everything else (or Real food.)

1) Oh, oh, spagetthi-o's
2) Wolf Brand Chili. (not actually made with wolf meat.)
3) Salsa
4) Brent & MariLynn brand baked beans
5) Progresso Minestrone
6) Sunny D acceptable alternative to Orange juice.
7) Hormel gooey dinner in a bag
8) Apple juice. (Some apples were harmed in the making of this blog post.)


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