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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Today's Snow Day Quiz

Nashville is often known as "Music City USA" or the "Country Music Capital of the World." Did you know that Nashville used to be called the "Powder Capital of the world?" Occasionally, smaller towns get nicknames proclaiming them to be the something "Capital of the World"

For the quiz, match the city near Nashville with what it is known for. (all cities are in TN, unless other wise noted.


1) Columbia
2) Cosby
3) Covington
4) Dalton, GA
5) Ft. Payne, AL
6) Jonesborough
7) Knoxville
8) McMinnville
9) Mt. Pleasant
10)South Pittsburgh

is the _______ Capital of the World

A) Blow Pops
B) Carpet
C) Cornbread
D) Moonshine
E) Mule
F) Nursery
G) Phosphate
H) Socks
I) Storytelling
J) Underwear

Answers are posted as a comment!


Blogger BrentKMoore said...

Columbia - Mules
Cosby - Moonshine
Covington - Blow Pops
Dalton, GA - Carpets
Ft. Payne - Socks
Jonesborough - Storytelling
Knoxville - Underwear
McMinnville - Nursery (as in trees)
Mt. Pleasant - Phosphate
South Pittsburgh - Cornbread

2:14 PM  
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