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Sunday, September 15, 2013

YOLO: The Taco Bell Breakfast Experience

It was about a couple of weeks ago when I first heard that Taco Bell was test-marketing a breakfast menu. One of the cities where they're giving it a go is Chattanooga. I had forgotten about that when recently I got up really early to make a day trip to the Dynamo of Dixie when I came across this billboard on I-24.

Luckily, I was familiar enough with Chattanooga well enough to remember there's one right off the interstate. They left no doubt as to whether this was one that offered Firstmeal.

Here's the signs in the window:

I almost never get breakfast fast food. While I eat fast food (especially Taco Bell) more than I should, there's not many fast food breakfasts I care for. My goal today was to see what it was like. Specifically, I wanted to sample three different entree items. While the Cinnabon Delights look really good, I knew I wouldn't be able to eat them after getting another three items.

Keep in mind I'm not a food critic, nor am I really trying to review these items. I'm just attempting to give you my initial reaction and impression after my visit.

Item #1: Bacon & Egg Burrito.

It's Taco Bell. It would have been a safe assumption that this was going to be on the menu.

Wasn't bad, but I didn't care for it. Seems just like the McDonalds Breakfast Burrito, but I don't care for that either.

Item #2: The Waffle Taco

This seems to be their signature item, from a marketing standpoint. It may not be the best item, but it's the tacobelliest item. Combine three different breakfast items, a waffle, sausage, and egg, and fold it into a taco shape so that it retains an element of a faux Mexican fast food place.

I first learned of the Waffle Taco from someone posting it on Facebook, and I decided to repost it to my facebook wall. I was curious what find of feedback it would receive. All but one of the responses were negative (somewhere between "yuck" and "I would never eat that") and the other one response was subtle so I don't know if he said he'd try it or if he too were bashing it.

Well, I tried it. I can say I wasn't impressed. In retrospect, I should have used the provided flimsy spork and eaten all the egg first, then the sausage, then the waffle. Putting all three ingredients in your mouth at the same time creates a cacophony of discordant flavors.

Again, I'll leave the caveat that I don't really like sausage. Even if this had been the best thing ever, I probably wouldn't order another one. Still, this is Taco Bell where they pretend to serve food from Mexico. They could have at least replaced regular sausage with chorizo. Of course, they should also have made the "taco shell" out of crispy bacon instead of a waffle. It might have cost $5 but the cool kids would be calling the Bacon Taco the best thing ever.

Item #3: A.M. Crunchwrap with Bacon

While the Waffle Taco is "something different" in a bad way, the A.M. Crunchwrap has the potential to be "something different" in a good way. The regular daytime crunchwrap is a little of everything all folded into one flat convenient package. The breakfast version starts with a hasbrown covered with eggs, cheese and bacon (or sausage if you're in to that kind of thing) folded into a convenient edible carrying case.

And, we have a winner. Here, everything works together well. What I wasn't expecting was they added some kind of spicy (maybe chipotle) sauce to it that made it even better. I've had this sauce before on something, but I can't remember what Taco Bell item it was.

In the perhaps unlikely event that U ever try Taco Bell breakfast again (which would be more likely if they go nationwide) there's one item I will certainly get - The A.M. Crunchwrap.

Also, I'd like for them to make a Denver Omelet burrito.

So, in conclusion,


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